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Transfers of ownership

Kevin W. Saunders and Wendy F. Saunders to Evan Frazier and Abigail Davis. Lot 7, Section III, Forest Oaks, $240,000

Glenn A. Harvey, Floyd S. Harvey Jr. and Brenda H. Franklin to John H. Mann Jr. Lots 47 & 48, Section 2, Foreston Manor, $240,000

William B. Tucker to Burley J. Martin and Tabitha N. Lloyd. 137 Monaco Park Road, $285,000

Donald D. Rucker and Mary D. Rucker to Alexander M. and Hannah A. Kemper. Lot 86, Candy, $240,000

Pamela K. Shirey to Scott John Parkins and Stacie Clements Mulhern. Lot 30, Sweet Briar Hills, $50,500

Question from Jackie Bowling to Patricia A. Santmyer. 1283 Boxwood Farm Road, $90,000

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Woodland Resources LLC to Jeremiah W. and Kari G. Vess. Parcel, 34,061 acres, Lexington Turnpike, $136,244

Clayton C. Bryant Jr. to Morris and Maria Algarin. Parcel, off Webb Mill Road, $29,000

Zack Hudson Cheatham to Steve E. and Nancy B. Letterman. Plot, near Trent Hatchery Road and Cheatham Lane, 32,246 acres, $60,000

James E. Vassar Jr. to Jason Wesley and Elizabeth Ann Crawford. 350, shaded driveway, $75,000

Nathaniel R. Gallier and Ray E. Phelps to Richard W. Moore and Elisabeth A. Garland. Lot 2, Beckham Road, $35,000

Melissa M. Suder at Moab Properties LLC. 178 Ralph Street, $57,500

Robert L. and Kathleen M. Trice to Brian Matthew and Susan M. Pulliam. Lot 5, Section 1, Deerwood Pointe, $493,000

Tharon Guthrie Meador to Shawn Arthur. Lot 2, Lyle Street, $201,000

Kelsey L. Boylan at Jefferson Park2 LLC. Lot 74, Section 1, Jefferson Woods, $248,000

Michael Arthur and Charles Billingsley to Rodger C. Janney II and Elizabeth Ann Raines-Janney. Unit 204, Stoney Ridge Condominiums, $229,900

MJD Builders Inc. to Donald C. Rowlands Jr. and Jacqueline S. Rowlands. Lot 2, Harold’s Acres, $410,000

Dana Worcester and Richard H. Barnes to Joseph Allen and April Louise Veres. 1095 Lizard Ridge Road, $334,900

Ivalace LLC to Melvin Arthur and Pamela M. Cowgill. Lot 92, Section 1, Grandview Course, $459,900

Jimmy M. and Nanci J. Horn at DCW Rental Properties LLC. Lot 19, Block 3, Gross Point, $230,000

Robert Woods to Sandy J. Robertson. Lot 20, Section 1, Landing, $68,000

Kay J. McPeak to Alexander Turner. Lot 31, Section 3, North Hills Estates, $309,000

Gerry Estrada to Bernice M. Campbell. Lot 30, Circlewood Estates, $105,000

Stephanie M. Moir to Bonnie S. Francis. Lot B, Smith Street, $160,000

Michael L. and Lorraine Rabin to Sylvia J. Mattison, Joyce H. Scott, George M. Hinely and Kenneth R. Hinely. Lot 6B, Oakwood Villas, $324,900

Sayford V. and Debra B. Meadows and Herbert J. and Betty J. Meador to Tonya Foster and Ronald Ramsey. 1038 Little Apple Drive, $97,850

James E. Madelle Sr. and Alice T. Madelle to Shawn Douglas Samuel. 1178 Ashwell Circle, $155,100

Justin N. Byard and Areeya Jirapongmed to Long Cheng and Fangyu Ai. Lot 168, Section III, Forest Lakes, $475,000

Thomas M. Meade Jr. and William H. Meade at Mitch Investments LLC. Parcel, Bethel Church Road, $65,000

Rhonda A. Lavoie to Trinda A. Gardner-Scicli. 1117 Kennedy Farm Road, $225,000

Charles E. and Janeen A. Saye to Robert N. and Holly E. Milton. Parcel, Ponderosa Road, $160,000

Rebecca G. Swecker to Philip Loyd and Krista Cherish Baker. 3353 Turner Branch Road, $282,500

Sundance Design Build LLC to Stephen and Ann Wells Schuneman. Lot 4, Section 9, Farmington to Forest, $549,000

Mansoor Rahmani and Khatera S. Afshari to Tonya A. Bryant. 1245 Graves Harbor Trail, $135,000

C. Matthew Fariss at Gratto Holdings LLC. Lot 11, Basham Park, $46,067.74

Kathleen Craig at Kimberly Garlinghouse and Christopher Lee. 1091 Knob Hill Road, $224,500

John W. Tinnell III to Amanda Mills and Jeremy White. Lot 4, Section 2, Valleywood Townhouses, $165,000

Roland R. Bousquet Jr. to Martin P. and Elizabeth D. Stout. 1021 Otelia Court, $725,000

BKC Properties Inc. to Jarah and Dustin Weber. Lot 11, Board View Lake, $79,000

Stephen T. and Ann W. Schuneman to Michael T. and Stephanie L. Cheatwood. Lot 6, Phase II, Club Terrace, $395,000

Chelsea Johnson at Makayla Carole Springsteen and Tyler Frankenberger. Lots 9 to 12 Peaks Street, $215,000

Tyler Brandon Wheeler to Roberta L. Pease, Patricia A. Cook and William Summitt. 1058 Red Tail Road, $156,000

Bradley H. and Monica R. Lones to Andrew Clark and Emily Lochridge. Sector 36D, US 460, 1,855 acres, $250,000

Lynchburg Renting LLC to Adams Investment Properties LLC. Lot 13, Section 2, Deer Creek, $195,000

Jason D. Dixon Sr. and Camelia G. Dixon to Shontia R. Allen. Lot 24, Section 1, Russell Meadows, $320,000

The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago to Bethel Consultant Group LLC. Lot 9, Block 1, Section A, Poplar Hills, $167,000

Susan Hope Burnett and Jo Anne S. Burnette to Edward and Debra E. Farkas. Lot 1, Section 3, Cherry Hill Estates, $275,900

Roy A. and Angela J. Scorup to James and Ginny Cook. 109 Vista Court, $350,000

D&D Land Holdings LLC to Ashley Marshall. Lots 8-11, Block B, Plan A, Town of Brookneal, $61,000

Mary B. Robertson to Robert J. and Ashby McCray. 4335 Gladys Road, $79,900

Leigh Ann Francis to Richard Thomas Parsons. 298 Pigeon Run Road, $200,000

Billy G. Mayhew and Rhonda C. Mayhew to Gary L. Grossman. Plot, 9.43 acres, near Wards Road, $40,000

Hudson Builders Inc. to Oscar Jahir Rodriguez Maldonado. Lot 4, Section II, Hayden Fields, $373,900

Jason P. and Katherin R. Marston to Amy S. and Shane M. Stickle. 1062 Alum Springs Road, $275,000

Robert J. McCray to Dana Monica Patrick. 179 Sandy Drive, $255,000

Lawrence L. Richmond Jr. to Joshua D. and Elizabeth G. Tully. Lot 120, Section 2, Braxton Park, $240,000

Franklin D. Schmitt, Joseph C. Schmitt and Marshal E. Schmitt Jr. at Royal Oak Farm LLC. 697 Waterlick Road and additional parcel, $850,000

Sunburst Properties LLC to Kenneth D. Settje and Paulette J. Settje. Lots 402-406 and 607 and 608, Sunburst Villas, $1,880,000

Amy S. and Shane Stickle at Edward and Chelsea Webster. 921 Alum Springs Road, $360,000

Harold G. Hall, Mary Frances West, Joseph Clyde Ragsdale, Marie Guthris Baldwin, Randy L. Rudder Sr., Leslie Thornton Guthrie, Amy N. Forbes and Paul V. Martin at Spring Hill Cemetery Association. 162 Gordon Street, $20,000

Timothy A. Barber and Sandra L. Barber to David A. Roberts Jr. 520 Old Trent’s Ferry Road, $259,900

Hugh S. and Laura A. Barnwell to Joshua Lee Taffer. 426 West Cadbury Drive, $135,000

Verdie L. Waldron at Equity Trust Company. 427 Breezewood Drive, $144,000

Raymond A. Jaeger LTD PC to Michael Christopher and Tammy S. Barton. 3101 Link Road 104, $145,000

Parker M. Bean, Erin M. Kelly, James E. Kelly and Jill M. Kelly to Joshua R. and Kate C. Redell. Lot P22, Block P, Cornerstone, $365,000

Terrapin Properties LLC to Mark A. Bowers and Laurie J. Samulonis Bowers. 1505 and 1509 Hampton Street, $107,000

Goldie D. Britt at Holiday Street LLC. 309 Wyndale Drive, $219,900

CPLoft LLC at 11St Loft 17 LLC. Unit 17, 51 11th Street Lofts, $235,000

Central VA Home Buyers LLC to Julian Loredo Macilla. 1508 Augusta St., $130,000

Glenn P. Rich to Dwight S. Cheney. 194 Twin Oak Drive, $160,000

Brandon and Christy Parr to Richard L. and Elena A. Coleman. 1210 Cedar Hill Drive, $251,000

DBI Capital Group LLC to NVR Inc. Lots 6A, 6B, 7A and 7B, Section 1, The Townes at Locust Thickest Subdivision, $155,000

AJ Denson to John David and Dorianne Mieko Loy. 319 Meridian Street, $299,900

Joe Kenneth Rogers at EHC Properties LC. 4359 Fort Avenue, $230,000

Christopher L. Ellis to Cedric E. Troxler. 1411 McKinney Ave, $179,900

Dustin T. Engledove to Luke T. Linker and Emma E. Styron. Unit 302, Ivy Creek Townhouses, $200,000

Philicia W. Reid to Lakei C. Evans. 1112 Buchanan Street, $74,000

Ryan D. and Kathryn C. Yarzebibski to James Nicholas Gabany and Sandra Noelle Smith. Lot 15, Section 1, Buis Subdivision, $419,900

William Paul Gibbs to Christopher B. Tucker. Lot 20, Section 2, Westburg, $250,000

Nykia Glover at Moab Properties LLC. Lot 12, Block 23, Westover Heights, $118,000

Robert B. Quick Jr. and Linda L. Quick at Goering Homes LLC. 1330 Circle Krise, $199,900

Monroe Street Trust to Patrick O. and Marisela A. Goode. 59 Monroe Street, $110,900

Carrie Elizabeth Grabaskas to Ronald Douglas and Keagan Noel Tubbs. 430 Perrymont Avenue, $211,000

Tony D. West at MDC Investments LLC. 1501 and 1503 8th St., $100,000

Harry W. and Elizabeth W. Jarrett to Ryan D. and Kathryn C. Yarzebinski. Lot 1, Section 2, Oak Grove Place, $555,000

Magnus Weiman and Maureen A. Weiman to Zachery Zubovich and Susmita C. Leonido. Lot 3, Section 6, Blue Ridge Farms, $224,000

Justin Littke to James R. Randall and Traci Lynn Plympton. Lot 4, Block 1, Roselane, $109,900

London Inc. to Alicia M. Tucker. 1014 Polk Street, $189,000

Charli Isabella Skye at Martin Ridge Homes LLC. Lots 4 and 5, Thomas addition, $140,000

Alexander Joshua Turner to Anissa L. Matthews and Savannah P. Stutzman. 4520 Greenwood Drive, $220,000

Joe Kenneth Rogers at Nakupenda LLC. 3700 Fort Avenue, $400,000

Michael Thomas to Lauren Diane Olson. 713 Federal Street, $65,000

Lucy G. Ross to Elizabeth M. and Kevin Suarez. 210 McWane Circle, $172,000

Clarissa Torres to David M. Wilson. Lot 1, Section 1, Mill Bridge Court, $230,000

Ryan D. and Kathryn C. Yarzebinski to James Nicholas Gabany and Sandra Noelle Smith. Lot 15, Section 1, Buis Subdivision, $419,900

Logan A. Walker to Richard O. and Rochelle R. Spinner. 722 Winston Ridge Road, $133,000

Building permit

Wal-Mart Real Estate Business, 3227 Old Forest Road, renovation, $674,000

Rush Homes, 2117 Florida Ave. A, new construction, $3,754,750

Rush Homes, 2117 Florida Ave., new construction, $653,000

Rush Homes, 2117 Florida Ave., new construction, $653,000

Sam’s Real Estate Business, 3912 Wards Road, renovation, $55,000

TPB Enterprises LLC, 8000 Timberlake Road, renovation, $125,000

River Ridge Mall JV LLC, 3405 Candler’s Mountain Road, renovation, $322,873

CMB Properties LLC, 3316 Naval Reserve Road, addition, $250,000

TPB Enterprises LLC, 1600 Graves Mill Road, addition, $25,000

R&B Properties LLC, 31 Millrace Drive, addition, $1,275,000

Acct. homes for Presbyterian orphans. Department, 1903 Humankind Way, addition, $13,500

Swash Lyn LLC, 1902 Main Street, Building A, new construction, $289,621

Dameca Properties LLC, 6097 Boonsboro Road, renovation, $12,000

Town of Lynchburg, 2521 Old Wards Road, addition, $18,000

River Ridge Mall JV LLC, 3385 Candler’s Mountain Road, renovation, $1,950,000

Chief Investments LLC, 3967 Old Forest Road, renovation, $50,000

Marshall Lodge #39 AF&AM, 1730 Wards Ferry Road, addition, $153,283

Lynchburg Nobles Club Inc., 214 Lemon Drive, addition, $88,900

Air & Liquid Systems Corp., 4621 Murray Place, renovation, $20,000

Swash Lyn LLC, 1901 Main Street, Building B, new construction, $193,025

Swash Lyn LLC, 1901 Main Street, Building C, new construction, $147,204

Remington Real Estate LLC, 245 Alleghany Ave., repair, $28,291

Air & Liquid Systems Corp., 4621 Murray Place, repair, $780,000

BV 144 LLC, 3301 Old Forest Road, new construction, $19,000

TTASTTER LC LLC, 908 Wise Street, renovation, $20,000

Grady Powers, 2319 Rivermont Avenue, repair, $5,000

DS Zechini, 5404 Boonsboro Road, new construction, $300,000

Foster Builders Inc., 130 Waughs Landing Drive, new construction, $350,000


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