Loans for 18 years – payday loans for young people – Free first loan

Being 18 years old is not a real maturity indicator for a larger group of lenders. What’s more, many loan companies approach such young clients with great reserve.

Sometimes they distance themselves to the point that they do not allow 18-year-olds to use their products. Many companies direct their payday loans to people over 20 years of age.

A loan for an 18-year-old in only a few companies

A loan for an 18-year-old in only a few companies

Fortunately, however, there are lenders on the market who are able to give a newly grown adult not only credit but also a quick loan. Below are the basic conditions for their offers.


Suggestion # 1: Winky Bank

Suggestion # 1: Winky Bank

Winky Bank offers both short-term payday loans and installment loans. When you use the company’s offer for the first time, you can borrow from 50 to 1500 USD for a maximum of 60 days or a loan of up to 10,000 USD for 24 months.

In the case of a short-term loan repaid on time, you only pay commission amounts of USD 10 (you give away: USD 1510). Larger liabilities are charged with a commission, and its amount depends on the sum borrowed and the repayment period.

If – regardless of the variant of the loan chosen – you return the entire commitment within 30 days, you will not be charged any additional costs. All you need to take out a loan is an ID card.

Suggestion 2: Fast Cash

Fast Cash

Fast Cash offers loans from 100 to 6000 USD. When borrowing for the first time, you must return the commitment within 30 days at the latest. The first loan is free.

The longer repayment period can only be used by regular customers for whom the longest repayment term is 65 days. The amount of additional costs of the loan depends on the promotion. The condition for obtaining a loan is having a positive credit history and a stable source of income.

Suggestion 3: Youngster Cash


The first company that provides its offer for 18-year-olds is Youngster Cash. The loans she offers are available to people aged 18-75 who have Polish citizenship.

In order to obtain a loan, an electronic application must be submitted containing the personal details of the potential borrower. The amount of the loan depends on which one you use the Youngster Cash program once.

As a new customer, you can borrow up to USD 2,000 for 30 days. If you pay the liability on time, the lender will not charge any additional fees.

The amount of payday loan available increases every time you use the company’s products, with a maximum of USD 5,000 (option from the fifth loan). But Cash also provides different repayment terms: 7, 14, 21 or 30 days.

Suggestion no. 4: Adjustable Loan

Adjustable Loan

The payday loan offered by the Adjustable Loan is another variant of the loan available to 18+ customers.

The offer is available to adult citizens of Poland. By borrowing for the first time, you can raise up to USD 1,500 with a two-month repayment date.

Importantly, this loan option is completely free and you pay the debt in two installments.

However, each subsequent loan involves additional fees. A regular customer can borrow up to USD 12,000 for 24 months.

Suggestion 5: Shake Loans

Suggestion 5: Shake Loans

As an adult, you can also take advantage of the installment loan offer offered by Shake Loan. In this case, the loan amount can be from 800 to even 15,000 USD. You can give your money back within 3-36 months.

The loans offered by this company bear interest. The interest rate depends on the offer currently in force. Importantly, Shake Loans provides its products only to clients with regular, documented income.

And although only an ID card is listed in the pool of basic documents, the company reserves the right to request additional income certificates.

Suggestion No. 6: Credit & Loan Now

Suggestion No. 6: Credit & Loan Now

An interesting loan offer for 18 years is the Credit & Loan Now offer. First of all, because you choose your loan based on the amount of interest you are interested in and the amount of the monthly installment that you will be able to repay.

Based on this data, the company offers you a payback period. The lender offers payday loans from USD 1,500 to 10,000, which you can pay back from six to 24 months.

In addition to the money you borrow, you must also pay the commission and interest rates on the loan. Their height depends on the variant of the selected payday loan.

Quick Money – a special variant of the loan

Quick Money - a special variant of the loan

At 18, you can also take advantage of the loan offered by Quick Money. However, this is not a typical payday loan, which is available in the abovementioned companies.

To get a loan at Quick Money, you must have a so-called guarantor, i.e. the person who will provide security for your liability. In addition, the person guaranteeing the liability must be the owner of the property and have a positive credit history.

This means that you cannot use the loan yourself. Due to the fact that this loan option is additionally secured, larger amounts of financing are available. You can borrow from 5,000 to 25,000 USD, and the repayment period is from 12 to 48 months.

The interest rate depends on the amount of liability. This variant of the loan is recommended to 18-year-olds who find themselves in a sub-gate situation and cannot raise cash in any other way than incurring liabilities with additional collateral.

When deciding on a loan with Quick Money, you must remember that you have the obligation to return the commitment made. Otherwise, your guarantor will be charged.

Loans without certificates

Loans without certificates

Most companies that have been providing loans for 18 years do not require borrowers to provide any certification. The exceptions are Shake Loans (the regulations mention a documented source of income) and Quick Money (guarantor surety required).

This does not mean, however, that if the lender has doubts about the credibility of the applicant, he will not require additional documents confirming the client’s financial stability.

Therefore, if you do not have a regular income, think about taking a quick loan. The more so because sooner or later you will have to return the money you borrowed, which can be a big problem without a regular income.

Not all loans for 18-year-olds

loans for 18-year-olds

At 18, you can take advantage of the quick cash only listed companies. Other lenders only grant payday loans to older customers. Some of them grant loans to clients over 20, 21 and even after 23 years of age. The 18-year-old will not take out a loan, among others in Mareloan, Ten Credit, Want Loan, Express Loan, Lending or Extra Money.

Installment loan repayment | Part payment loan conversion of debts

When you pay off a costly old loan, you can often save a lot of money by rescheduling your debt. You want to restructure the existing installment loan while saving money? For many borrowers, the best solution is to reschedule an installment loan, for example, to reduce rates. Is it perhaps more advantageous and clearer if you convert to a favorable installment loan based on the amount of your overdraft interest?

Reschedule an installment loan

Reschedule an installment loan

Frequently, debtors who have met their payment obligations are advised to reschedule their debts to better meet their payment obligations. The installment loan can be a sensible shift, but is by no means a panacea against over-indebtedness. Anyone who has made several loans over a certain period of time has probably not always paid attention to the conditions, but seized the opportunity, if appropriate, to underwrite purchases of all kinds through loans.

If you pay for your vehicle, furniture, electronic equipment, and holidays with loans that are all done simultaneously at a certain time, you might be at risk of losing track or being unable to keep track of them. to take on all your duties as amended when the financial situation changes.

Grouping existing loans can be a solution to this disadvantage. By choosing a long-term installment loan installment, the overall rates can be influenced. Some banks offer debt rescheduling directly. For rescheduling debts, you can, of course, take advantage of other common, low-cost offers.

Credit institutions which make the debt rescheduling loan available immediately often relieve the borrower of all formalities associated with repayment of the loan. The borrower may give authority to repay existing loans and the principal bank will take all necessary action. The borrower is not paid in such cases, no amount of money.

To repay existing loans, the full loan amount is used. In the future, only a payment in installments will have to be made which, at best, is much lower than the previous installment.

Debt rescheduling of the installment loan to obtain the financial scope

Debt rescheduling of the installment loan to obtain the financial scope

For many borrowers, it is the best way to reschedule an installment loan, for example, to reduce the rate. A credit transfer can pay off if the interest on the re-blocked balance is clearly lower than on the current balance. The conversion of an installment loan is also useful if the economic situation has changed and the monthly load is too high.

As a rule, this only pays off if the interest rates for the new loan are significantly lower than for existing loans. Borrowers should not overlook the fact that the processing fees already paid and included in the installments, which may amount to up to 3 percentage points of the net loan, will not be reimbursed. If the remaining maturity of the existing loan is relatively short, rescheduling is usually not effective.

It is not uncommon for installment loans to be given spontaneously so that over time three, four or five loans sometimes run side by side and are all charged at different times. If you want to get your personal money in order, if you want to reduce the monthly burden at the same time, you can start looking for a debt restructuring loan that some banks offer in addition.

In most cases, the debt repayment service is then also used by the principal bank, so that the borrower has nothing to do with the fulfillment of the obligations. The new loan will be used exclusively to repay existing debts. Consumers are now at any time entitled to early repayment of their loans and credit institutions may at the same time demand a prepayment penalty not exceeding one percentage point of the repayment amount.

Jenny loan – everything you need to know

A Jenny loan or loan can be understood in two ways . On the one hand, you can define a loan that is intended to pay an income tax underpayment which results from an annual tax return, on the other a loan that is granted on the basis of showing your Jenny . On this page, the latter situation will be discussed. 

What is the advantage of Jenny loans?

money cash

Simplicity and little formality – all you need is your ID card and tax return, and the bank will make a decision based on this. No other certificates are required. This can be important for people who generally earn well and are currently undergoing some difficulties or are in transition (change or loss of job, retraining, housework or other non-professional duties).

Who can take a Jenny loan?

money cash

When answering this question, it should be said that generally banks accept three types of declarations: Jenny-11, Jenny-40 and Jenny-40a (in some banks it is only Jenny-11). This means that the group of people who can apply for a Jenny loan closes in the group of people employed under a contract of employment , as well as pensioners .

Installment loans granted by non-bank companies are becoming more and more popular on the Lendy market. It is a convenient solution, which is chosen by people who cannot get a loan from the bank or who choose as an alternative to payday loans, which should usually be repaid within a short period, for example 30 days. Customers are looking for solutions tailored to their capabilities. In today’s article, we’ll look at installment loans with a decreasing installment. Are such financial products available on the Lendy market? How do they differ from loans with a fixed installment?


Interest rate and APRC. What is the difference?

Do you know the difference between AMP and loan interest? Although we hear these concepts almost all the time, many people still don’t know what they really mean and how they differ. In today’s article in a nutshell we present what and how to understand.

What is the AMP really?

money cash

We often check them when we are going to apply for a loan, but we do not know that this abbreviation can be misleading. How to check the AMP to choose the best loan proposal for you? What costs are not included in the AMP? Those that are difficult to estimate – e.g. the cost of paying out a loan or the cost of obtaining a bank account. Many people decide to borrow for a longer repayment period because they mean lower installments. However, this is very risky, because the longer the loan period, the lower the AMP, but the total cost increases.

Banks and loan companies often present a representative example on their websites, but it is worth remembering that it does not work in every contract – what the AMP looks like on a representative example, and how it will look in the case of our loan, is a completely different matter. In addition, it is worth remembering that you can count on better credit conditions when you have the support of a good creditworthiness assessment.

How to read AMP so as not to make a mistake when choosing a loan?

money cash

Compare loans for the same period of time. Compare the same installments with each other – i.e. equal installments with equal installments, and decreasing installments with decreasing installments. Check if the AMP includes insurance and whether the commission is included.

When making a credit decision, always pay attention to the installment amount and the total cost of the loan – you must be able to pay them back. Specify the amount of the installment you are able to pay monthly, and then look for such a loan so that the total cost is as low as possible.

Loan interest rate

money cash

The interest rate on the loan is – simply put – the price of the loan. It consists of not Reference rate (profitability of TLV bills issued by the TLV), as well as the bank’s margin (what the bank actually earns on credit). The sum of interest paid, the installment amount and the total cost of the loan depends on the interest rate. The lower the interest rate, the higher the creditworthiness, which means that the higher the interest rate, the less favorable the loan offer may be.

How to finance a home without mortgage credit?

How to finance a home without mortgage credit? . Undoubtedly, buying a home becomes difficult to impossible for many and when they should know how to finance the purchase of a home without a mortgage . Nothing easy, but possible.


How to finance a home without mortgage credit?

How to finance a home without mortgage credit?

Although the property we want to buy has a good price, it does not mean that you have enough savings to buy it and have to resort to a mortgage loan and that is when the problem arises if for different reasons you cannot ask for a mortgage loan or the bank does not He gave it to him.

There are certain options avoiding resorting to mortgage credit or not at least directly, when financing the purchase of a home or apartment. Although there may be times when it is not convenient to buy housing when the sale of properties has a downward trend due to an increase in land prices, generating the increase in housing prices , and when the financial situation of the opposite occurs Those interested may be the same, not reaching them.

If the home you want to buy is reasonably priced, but the problem is financing , there are options, although some more risky than others such as:


Request a housing lease

Request a housing lease

Among the financing options, is the easing of the housing l. It is a lease of the property for a certain period of time, and there is the possibility that, at the end of the term, they may reacquire the property, by paying the remaining fees.

Being an option that allows planning savings since, at the end of the agreed period, they can collect the amount that is equivalent to the price of the agreed housing. Although the conditions are provided by the real estate agency or financial entity that grants housing leasing.

Although they must also meet requirements established by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning and take into account that the value of housing cannot exceed UF 2,000 anywhere in the country. It is an ideal alternative for those who cannot have 25% of their income to pay the monthly dividend, and if they can dispose of the money as a lease and become a real estate investment to acquire a home.


Loan from family or friends

Loan from family or friends

Logically, it is sometimes better to ask a bank than a family member or friend for a loan of money that if it is to buy a house it will not be little money so that it is not the whole amount, in addition that family member or friend should have a good time economic enough to lend them and have more confidence than the bank itself.

Another option within this is that if a family member or friend has a home or apartment and they are renting it or have it for sale or without use, it is an alternative to resort to buying it since the price can be a bit smaller, not much and the most flexible payment method than with a bank. Whenever they like the house and are in a convenient area.


Mortgage the home

Mortgage the home

In the US and other countries it is often used a lot to mortgage a house in order to obtain the cash for whatever purpose, when the savings do not reach or do not exist. In this case it will help them to buy a new property.

The mortgage is tied to the property they put under collateral or pledge in favor of the bank that grants them the money, and if they do not pay the mortgage credit, they already know who will keep their home. It has a high risk of course.

The bank can take the mortgage of one or more properties as collateral to grant a new mortgage loan. Thus many manage to finance the new property with the value of the current property. It always depends on what they have to mortgage also various properties, rights over those properties, commercial premises, rustic properties, aircraft, vehicles, art paintings, provided that everything is in the name of the debtor. While this form in itself is about obtaining financing through a mortgage, it is an option if not considered.


Elimination of Real Estate Purchase Price Limit


Removing the GFI property purchase price cap is a serious step. As a result, when buying a second-hand apartment, you no longer have to pay attention to the value of the property not exceeding HUF 35 million. This change has significantly increased families’ room for maneuver, as a result of price increases in the real estate market has reduced the range of qualifying homes from the range of qualifying properties.

With the introduction of the new Family Support Package, the government wants to give every help to young spouses to start a family. Within this framework, the family home improvement allowance (GFI) was extended. With the new rules in place, more and more families have access to the new home. For more information on the amount of support available, visit our GFI page.

Why is it important to remove the GFI property purchase price cap?


According to the experts, the removal of the GFI real estate purchase price limit in the real estate market for used homes and houses will have a significant impact. With the removal of the upper limit of $ 35 million, many may choose to move to a larger or more up-to-date property with discounts. The ceiling so far has prevented many from taking this step, as real estate prices have risen significantly in recent times.

According to the latest surveys, more than 13% of the total real estate market turnover is accounted for by the sale and purchase of real estate over 35 million properties, representing more than 21,000 transactions. That is why it was important to abolish the GFI property purchase price limit!
Of course, the abolition of the ceiling did not affect the requirements for other properties, so the legal requirements for the technical design or the floor space must still be met.

Affect the market of non-rural GFIs


According to experts, the change will primarily affect the market of non-rural GFIs where property prices were so high that the ceiling was a barrier to access to discounts.

If you would like to apply for extended GFI support or are interested in discount home loan schemes, please fill out our form and our credit brokerage specialists will be looking for you!

Let’s replace a loan taken 3-4 years ago?

We started to break our head at an extremely interesting question. Although we have often talked about redemption, we have looked at the issue from a different angle. We have been counting on loans for up to 10 years that are older than ever and have shown that it is worth taking a step. But what if we only borrowed a few years ago?

What are these loans like?


Loans taken 3-4 years ago are really cheap . Interest rates have fluctuated around current levels, or maybe a little lower. So we can say that these are perfectly ideal loans. But what are the most important features of a home loan?

Our regular readers can immediately tell you that the discount, the monthly repayment, and the interest period are very important. And now , it is worth paying close attention to the interest period .

Why is the Interest Period Important?


If one can believe the forecasts, interest rates are expected to rise within a closed period. Why is this important? First of all, because in the past everyone was happy with how cheap the loans were, and even the cheapest was chosen.

And we know well that the interest rate on the cheapest loans is low. ( Quick replay: The interest period is the period during which the installment of our loan does not change.)

As a result, it is definitely worth reviewing our options and striving to keep our credit cheap not only in the short, but also in the long run.

What to do?


The first step, as so many times, And here we make the right calculations. in this case, we need to make a calculation where the interest period is at least 10 years. This is how we can preserve our ability to keep our monthly repayments low in the long term. Although it will be a bit more expensive than having a 3 month interest rate period, it will not be too bad. We’ll show you how much:

The monthly repayment of a HUF 10 million 20-year loan for a 3-month period is HUF 63,680 at Budapest Bank. For a period of 15 years, Good Finance Bank has 68,580 forints.

Who decides whether it’s worth 5,000 forints a month for 10 years security. And contact us! We will answer all your questions.

When installment loans do not wait: How to reduce costs?


Before we introduce you to the first 5 tips to improve the financial situation , we have one general for you – with a smile everything goes better .

You do not have to laugh immediately from ear to ear, but try to find small positives for your difficult situation. Maybe a lack of money will finally end your bad habit, start walking more, or get a better overview of your finances.

Plan your expenses

Plan your expenses

The budget is the foundation. Because until you know what you’re spending, you can’t know where to save. You should keep track of your family ‘s income and expenditure for at least three months.

Tip: Divide your monthly expenses into fixed (non-bank loan repayments, food, energy bills), variable (buying clothes, visiting a cinema), and extraordinary (repairs and other large expenses). Then try to reduce your permanent expenses as much as possible, completely reduce your variable expenses and have extra reserve prepared for extraordinary expenses. Alternatively, if you are burdened with a non-bank loan from multiple companies, you can have it consolidated into one, or consolidate).

Reduce cigarette consumption

If you want to quit smoking long ago, you now have a unique opportunity. A pack of cigarettes costs about 80 CZK and if you smoke at least one every day, your wallet is lighter by 2,400 CZK per month.

Tip: If you are out of the question to stop smoking from one day to the next, try reducing it at least. Instead of 7 boxes a week, treat yourself to just 5 or straighten one box for two days. At the same time, encourage yourself with the idea that you will benefit twice from renunciation – you will save and do something for your health.

Leave the car in the garage

Do you really have to drive to and from work by car? And for kids to school and for shopping too? Petrol prices are high, and shorter distances around the city are mostly uneconomic.

Tip: Calculate the monthly cost of petrol and compare it to the price of a monthly public transport ticket. Certainly we do not recommend driving black . The fine is the last thing you need in your situation.

Cook smarter and benefit your health and wallet


You can usually save the most on meals without having to eat poorly. On the contrary! All you need to do is to avoid semi-finished and industrially processed products. Instead, buy fresh ingredients and process them yourself. If you like sweet, try buying fruit instead of chocolates and wafers.

Tip: View action flyers for shops near you and plan a diet based on food in action. But it is not worth to ride over half a city only for discounted eggs.

Check with your service provider

Every one of us should sit down every once in a while to see if it is worth his energy or internet provider. But hand on heart – who makes us? You now have a great opportunity.

Beware of other loans

Beware of other loans

Another non-bank loan is by no means a solution. Forget about solving the difficult situation with a loan and try to endure somewhat more modest life. Of course there are things that do not wait, such as buying a new appliance or medical care, but in that case, family or friends can help.

So save on the loan!



Almost all of us are aware that getting one’s own home is one of the biggest financial challenges of our lives. That is why there are many things to consider when applying for credit. In fact, we must not stop here, let’s make good credit even better. And this is only possible with savings. Like this:

Let’s look at a loan and how much it costs!


Let’s say we take a $ 9 million loan for 20 years. With the help of a loan calculator, we can calculate exactly how much monthly repayments we can expect. In this case, too, we can observe that there are large differences between the offers of each bank.

While the cheapest bid came to $ 46,085, the highest bid was $ 61,960. You see the difference is almost 15 thousand forints.

Let’s calculate that this difference is set at $ 15,000 a month in a savings, how much better it is than paying a more expensive loan.

The power of saving


For 15 thousand HUF a month, it is worth thinking first of all in an apartment savings fund. It would be even better if we were able to exercise for 20,000 forints a month. This is where we could obtain the maximum annual subsidy of HUF 72,000.

According to the LTP calculator, if we set aside 15 thousand forints for 10 years, we will have 2,350,269 forints, and 3,135,785 for 20 forints. Meanwhile, we repaid $ 5,530,200 over 10 years on our loan. As a significant part of this is interest and management costs, we assume that our debt decreased from HUF 9 million to HUF 6 million. If we deduct $ 2,350,269 because we prepay it, then there is $ 3,649,731 that we have to pay back to the bank.

According to the loan calculator the monthly repayment of this amount for 10 years is HUF 34,075. Let’s compare the two situations.

By default, we would have paid $ 61,960 for 240 months, which is a total of $ 14,870,400. Conversely, if you spend this money on cheaper loans and savings for 10 years, you will pay $ 61,960 * 120 + 34,075 * 120 = $ 7,435,200 + $ 4,089,000 = $ 11,524,200.

Let’s be proactive!


Summarizing the above, it is clear how much comparison and savings matter. In this case more than HUF 3.3 million. So if you feel like it, contact us so we can give you similar advice! We’re here to help.