What Are the Best Styles of Silk Scarves for Tying Around the Handle of a Briefcase?

Fashion, as we all know, is a dynamic, ever-evolving entity. It’s more than just clothing – it’s an artistic expression of who we are. Our accessories also play a substantial role in communicating our personal style. Scarves, in particular, are incredibly versatile and can add a touch of elegance and color to any outfit. Silk scarves, with their soft touch and sheen, can elevate a simple ensemble to a fashion-forward look. One of the innovative ways we’ve seen scarves used recently is as a stylish accessory to jazz up an otherwise mundane item – the briefcase handle. Today, we’ll explore some of the best styles of silk scarves that can be tastefully tied around the handle of a briefcase to create a unique style statement.

Exploring the Timeless Twilly

Perhaps you’re already familiar with the term "twilly." Yes, we’re talking about those slim, elongated silk scarves often seen wrapped around the handles of luxury bags, adding a pop of color and an extra layer of protection. Originating from the fashion house of Herm├Ęs, the twilly has become a popular accessory, so much so that it has found a place in the collections of numerous other brands.

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Twilly scarves are usually vibrant and come in a plethora of prints and colors. When tied around the handle of a briefcase, they add an incomparable touch of class and sophistication. They can be easily wrapped around the handle and tied in a bow or knot to secure, making them a practical yet chic accessory.

The twilly is not just a fashionable accessory; it also serves a practical purpose by preventing wear and tear on your briefcase handle. Plus, if you ever get bored with its look, simply untie it and replace it with a different twilly. It’s a small change that can have a significant impact on your style.

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The Classic Silk Scarf: A Time-Tested Style Statement

The classic silk scarf may be an oldie, but it’s indeed a goodie. In its full size, it’s a versatile accessory that can be manipulated into various styles. For our purpose, however, we’ll be focusing on its ability to enhance the look of a briefcase.

Much like the twilly, the classic silk scarf comes in a multitude of colors and prints. Furthermore, it can be folded and wrapped around the handle in various ways. You can fold it into a thin strip and wrap it around tightly, or you can opt for a looser style that allows more of the scarf’s design and color to show.

A plus point of the classic silk scarf is its availability. You can easily find such scarves on Amazon or in local stores. They offer a budget-friendly way to constantly change up the look of your briefcase and keep your style fresh and updated.

The Ascot Scarf: A Touch of Class

The ascot scarf, also known as a cravat, was originally a neckwear accessory for men. However, women have adopted and adapted this accessory, and it has become a popular choice for adding a touch of class to outfits. But why stop at wearing it around your neck? The ascot scarf can also be tied around the handle of your briefcase.

The ascot is usually made of silk, making it an excellent choice for a handle wrap. Its length is perfect for wrapping around the handle a few times before securing it with a knot or bow. The ascot’s distinct patterns and rich colors can add a classic and elegant touch to your briefcase.

Ascot scarves can be found on various online platforms, including Amazon. They come in a wide range of designs, so you can choose one that best fits your style. Keep in mind, though, the ascot is thicker than the twilly, so it will provide a bulkier look when tied around the handle.

The Bandana Style: A Casual Vibe

If you’re looking for a more casual and laid-back style, then a silk bandana might be the right choice for you. Bandanas have a rustic charm that can add a touch of casual chic to your briefcase.

Like the previous styles, bandanas come in various colors and patterns. You can tie them around the handle of your briefcase in a simple knot or a bow, depending on how much of the bandana’s design you want to show.

Consider a paisley printed bandana for a classic look, or go for a solid color for a more minimalist aesthetic. The silk texture adds a sophisticated touch to this otherwise casual accessory.

The Neckerchief: The Small but Mighty Accessory

Neckerchiefs are small, square scarves typically worn around the neck. However, their small size and square shape make them an excellent option for wrapping around the handle of a briefcase.

You can fold the neckerchief into a thin band and wrap it around the handle, securing with a knot or bow. This will give your briefcase a unique and eye-catching look.

Playing with different colors, prints, and ways of tying can help you create a range of styles with just one accessory. Since neckerchiefs are smaller than the other scarf styles discussed, they are perfect for those who prefer a subtle touch of fashion.

There’s a world of opportunity when it comes to accessorizing with scarves. So get creative, express your style, and turn your briefcase into a fashion statement. Because after all, the rule is there are no rules in fashion.

The Shoulder Strap Scarf: Adding a Dash of Elegance

Another style that we cannot overlook in this guide to the best silk scarves for adorning your briefcase is the shoulder strap scarf. This style originated from the fashion of draping silk scarves around the straps of shoulder bags, but it has since found its place around the handle of a briefcase. It adds a touch of elegance to your briefcase while also serving as a cushion for your shoulder.

The shoulder strap scarf is typically longer than the other styles mentioned before, allowing it to be looped around the handle many times for a plush, luxurious look. You can tie the scarf in a neat bow, or leave the ends to hang loosely for a more relaxed look.

This style is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and prints. From florals to abstract prints, the possibilities are endless. You can choose a scarf that matches your outfit, or go for a contrasting color for a bold statement.

When shopping for a shoulder strap scarf, be sure to look for options that offer free delivery. Many online retailers and fashion brands offer this service, making it easier for you to shop from the comfort of your home.

The Ribbon Scarf: A Delicate Touch

Last but not least, let’s talk about the ribbon scarf – a delicate accessory that can instantly uplift the aesthetic of your briefcase. The ribbon scarf, as the name suggests, is a thin, elongated silk scarf that resembles a ribbon.

The ribbon scarf is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist style. You can wrap it around the handle of your briefcase just like you would with a handle ribbon, giving your bag a subtle, elegant upgrade. You can also tie the ribbon scarf into a bow for an added touch of femininity.

Ribbon scarves come in different prints and colors, giving you plenty of options to choose from. A classic black ribbon scarf can add a touch of sophistication, while a vibrant colored one can add a pop of color to your outfit.

When shopping for a ribbon scarf, look for options that offer free delivery to save on shipping costs. Online retailers like Amazon often have a wide selection of ribbon scarves at various price points.


In summary, silk scarves are a versatile accessory that can add a touch of elegance, color, and personal style to your briefcase. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of a twilly, the classic appeal of a traditional silk scarf, the sophistication of an ascot, the casual vibe of a bandana, the subtle touch of a neckerchief, the elegance of a shoulder strap scarf, or the delicacy of a ribbon scarf, there’s a silk scarf style out there for everyone.

Remember, fashion is an expression of self, and there are no set rules. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different scarf styles and ways to tie them around your briefcase handle. And with free delivery options readily available, getting your hands on these stylish accessories has never been easier.

So, go ahead and transform your regular briefcase into a stylish accessory with a beautiful silk scarf. You’ll be turning heads and receiving compliments in no time.