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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window, now streaming on Netflix.

The woman at home opposite the girl at the window is as wild of a series as its title promises. Movies parodying like The girl on the train and the woman at the window, this Netflix show perfectly satirizes the psychosexual thriller. The series follows Anna, a woman traumatized by the brutal murder of her daughter. When she meets handsome Neil, who moves in across the street, Anna finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery that no one else believes happened.

Even if the public is rewarded with a dramatic and surprising finale, The woman at home still leaves many questions unanswered. Let’s investigate these mysteries, from the plethora of casseroles to the mysterious lady in seat 2A.

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What is the meaning of all the pans?

wife in house kristen bell rain scared

The cocotte is present enough throughout the series so that she can be her own character. Episode 1 opens with a montage of Anna making a casserole as an eerie version of “Rain, Rain, Go Away” plays in the background. When Anna removes the dish from the oven, she forgets the oven mitts and burns her hands as shards of memories cross her mind. The pain and shock cause her to drop the pan and it shatters to pieces on her kitchen floor.

The dish reappears many times in future episodes. She makes two for Neil and Emma – one which she drops during an ombrophobia-induced panic attack and one which she safely delivers to them. She also brings one to Hilary, the sister of Neil’s deceased ex-wife Meredith, in hopes of getting more information about the couple’s backstory. When Anna visits the cemetery, she also brings one to her daughter’s grave. And in the last episode, when she and Emma fight, the 9-year-old almost kills Anna by smashing a saucepan over her head. However, Anna saves herself by grabbing a piece of the flat ground and ramming it into the girl’s body.

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The casserole is perhaps symbolic, but for what exactly remains unknown. It could be that the saucepan serves as Anna’s key to accessing new corners of the evolving mystery. Sharing the pan with Neil and Emma was her first step into madness – if they hadn’t, Anna might not have been close enough to them to get involved in the whole mess. And throughout the series, Anna’s casserole allows her to meet new people and pick up clues, like when she brings one to Hilary. Alternatively, the dish could be a symbol of danger, its appearance indicating new peril to come. In fact, there are times when the pan appears and something treacherous immediately ensues, like when Emma nearly murders Anna.

Why did the hospital’s apologies sound so similar?

In the latest episode of The woman at home, Anna is recovering in the hospital after her brutal fight with Emma seriously injured her. While there, she receives three consecutive visits from three different people – Detective Lane, her ex-husband Douglas, and even her mean neighbor Carol. Curiously, each of these visits seems to be a carbon copy of the next, with each visitor bringing her flowers and apologies. They all greet Anna asking how she’s feeling, and all three times she replies, “Like I’ve been hit by a mack truck driven by a nine-year-old kid.” The repetitive nature of these encounters is perhaps just another aspect of the parody, but one has to wonder if there is a deeper meaning.

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Why did law enforcement leave Elizabeth alone with a serial killer?

Kristen Bell looks away

A lot of The woman at homeAnna’s story is driven by Anna’s trauma that resulted from the death of her daughter Elizabeth. Several episodes of the series reveal that Elizabeth was brutally and tragically killed.

It was Take Your Child to Work Day, and Anna persuaded her then-husband, Douglas, to take their daughter to work with him. Douglas is a forensic psychiatrist for the FBI, and the day he brought Elizabeth in was the day he was working with the cannibalistic serial killer, Massacre Mike. For some reason, FBI professionals thought it was okay that Douglas brought the young child into the cell with him and Mike. If that wasn’t enough, they then allowed her to leave Elizabeth completely alone with the serial killer when Douglas walked out for a brief moment. The door accidentally locked as he was leaving and what happened next is indescribable.

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It’s appalling to think that anyone, let alone trained law enforcement, would leave a child alone with a convicted psychopathic killer. There’s no logical reason this happened, other than as a story-building choice by the show’s creators. It’s possible that the murder shock factor was intended as another way to exaggerate the parody.

Why did Emma kill her teacher?

In The Woman at Home, Emma Killed Everyone

Nine-year-old Emma is revealed to be the psychopath behind the multiple murders. She killed her mother, her father’s girlfriend, Lisa, and eventually her own father, nearly killing Buell and Anna in the process. Emma had her reasons for killing/hurting these people. Her mother was pregnant and Emma didn’t want a sibling, so the girl took out her mother and the fetus in the process. Emma killed Lisa because she wouldn’t buy candy bars for her school fundraiser, and she killed her father because she hated listening to him practice his ventriloquist act all the time. She nearly killed Buell and Anna because the two encountered her right after she murdered her father. However, Emma never gave a reason why she killed her teacher.

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The Doubtful Skills of Douglas’ Psychiatrist

housewife husband douglas

Forensic psychiatrist Douglas must be an incredibly smart man to have been hired by the FBI. It’s a real wonder then why he makes so many insane choices in his job throughout The woman at home. The most obvious of these is her decision to leave her daughter alone with Massacre Mike. As an FBI agent and psychiatrist who has worked with many sociopathic criminals, you would think he would know better. Not to mention, it’s obvious that he’s also a very caring father who doesn’t seem to make that mistake, so it’s really inexplicable how the incident with Elizabeth could have happened.

The next dubious decision Douglas makes is to be Anna’s therapist. Considering Anna is his ex-wife, this is very unprofessional. Not only that, but he takes a call from Anna while in session with another patient, which is also unprofessional and a violation of the patient’s privacy. While it’s clear that Douglas does his job well, his decision-making abilities are open to debate. If he worked in the real world, his license would surely be revoked.

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Who is the woman in seat 2A?

The end of The woman at home sees Anna a year in the future. With tragedy behind her, she is on a plane to New York to visit her sister. She sits in seat 2A and settles in when a glamorous old lady informs her that she is in her seat. Anna moves to the seat next to her and the passenger sits in 2A. Later in the flight, Anna wakes up and the woman is no longer next to her. She walks to the bathroom, opens it and finds the dead woman inside. However, when she brings a flight attendant, the corpse is gone and the flight attendant says there was never anyone sitting in 2A. Anna returns to her seat, wondering if she is still hallucinating, until she sees the compact mirror the lady was using tucked into the seat. The series ends with no idea who the woman is, what happened to her, or even if she is real.

The Woman in Seat 2A is the show’s biggest unsolved mystery, but it makes for a great setup if Netflix decides to proceed with a season 2.

The woman at home opposite the girl at the windowThe first season of is available to stream on Netflix.

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