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MILTON — Kaleb Eger noticed in 2019 that veterans’ graves in Milton cemeteries were bare during the winter.

The Milton area sophomore decided to host an enrichment project called Wreaths for Warriors. On Tuesday, he and about 20 other students and community members laid wreaths at the graves of veterans at Harmony Cemetery along Willow Street for the fourth year in a row.

“They gave so much,” Eger said. “They died in action, or they were wounded, or they came home safe and sound. They all served a purpose.

Eger said he had family in the military and his grandfather Bill Sollenberger, of Roaring Springs, served in the Vietnam War. He said he was always close to his grandfather and listened to his stories.

“I thought it would be nice to recognize them all,” he said.

Natalie Easton, enrichment teacher, librarian and media specialist at Milton Area, said enrichment students, scouts, Where Everyone Belongs club members, student council, teachers and family members with veterans joined the cast on Tuesday. They deposited about 200 crowns.

The crowns were either donated or purchased by the program. The goal is to eventually expand to all other cemeteries in Milton, Easton said.

“It was pretty cool to show a kind gesture to those who don’t have the money to put on wreaths and to show respect to those who fought in wars,” said Miles Brown, 13, a student from Milton.

Nathan Finck, 17, a junior and enriching student, said placing the wreaths shows families they are not alone and that the whole community is there for them.

Ellen Stauffer, a middle school physical education and health teacher, also participated in the wreaths program.

“These students make us so proud as a school and a community,” she said. “Students want to get involved. This is an opportunity for them to get involved. »

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