Romanian Church Builds Cemetery in Japan to Proclaim Dignity of the Body


Minami-Alps, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, July 21, 2022


The representation of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Japan has announced the creation and organization of an Orthodox cemetery in Japan, where the faithful can be buried, rather than cremated, as is compulsory in most of Japan.

The ground will have about 100 places, with the possibility of expansion, open to all Orthodox Christians, regardless of their jurisdictional or ethnic affiliation, reports the news agency Basilica, in reference to the representation in Japan.

The Holy Trinity Orthodox Cemetery will be built and organized in the city of Minami-Alps in Yamanashi Prefecture, with the support of the Association of Funerals and in collaboration with the Fuji Temple. The project is intended as a confession of faith in the region, given the secular practice of cremation, or the practice of “tree burials,” of Buddhist origin.

“We wholeheartedly want to keep the tradition and teaching of the Orthodox Church intact and have the possibility that here in Japan the body can go from where it came until the General Resurrection, that is- that is to say, the earth”, underlines the representative of the Orthodox Church. Romanian Patriarchate in Japan P. Daniel Coru.

The site of the future cemetery. Photo:

“Through this project, we want to give a testimony of faith to Japan,” the father said. Daniel said, “so that in the social mentality it is not only the Muslim religion that wants burial, but that people also hear the desire of the Orthodox Church to have the same practice, for theological and doctrinal, entirely following Christ — his head and his foundation.

It is also planned to build a wooden chapel in the future cemetery.

Donations can be offered for the project on the website of the Romanian Orthodox Church in Japan.

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