Preselected House of Life at Willesden Jewish Cemetery


A Jewish cemetery in Willesden has been selected for a museum award.

The House of Life Heritage Experience at Willesden Jewish Cemetery was shortlisted for the Untold Stories category in the 2021 Association for Heritage Interpretation Engaging People Awards.

The awards celebrate the best heritage, natural, cultural and scientific experiences in Britain and Ireland.

The cemetery, at Beaconsfield Road, is confronted with well-known names such as the British Museum and the Museum of London.

The “Untold Stories” category is for projects telling the story of groups, communities or events that have been overlooked or excluded in the past.

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Steven Wilson, general manager of the United Synagogue, said they were all “so proud” that the project was shortlisted.

“Our beautiful and historic cemetery is the final resting place for so many loved ones in our community and traces the history of London’s Jewish community for almost 150 years,” he said.

“The award is a testament to the hard work of the House of Life team and the tremendous amount of time and effort they, along with our many volunteers, dedicated to creating a truly unique visitor experience. unique fact. “

House of Life features a 150-year-old view of Willesden Jewish Cemetery, nicknamed “the Rolls-Royce of London’s Jewish cemeteries” because of the people buried there.

They include pioneering chemist Rosalind Franklin, whose work has been essential to understanding DNA, and Tesco founder Jack Cohen.

House of Life is a visitor experience located outside and in the burial buildings with information and facilities throughout the site, including a visitor center, walking tours and memorials.

Visitors have access to information as they walk through the still active cemetery, to information about the Jewish community that was buried there in the 1800s, and to learn about Jewish burial customs.

In 2019, the little-known history of the cemetery was first revealed in an exhibit at the Willesden Library.

The winners of each prize will be announced on November 17 and 18, 2021.

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