Human skull and bones discovered by horrified workers digging at a construction site


The grim discovery of human remains occurred in a housing estate on Orr Street, Calton, Glasgow, on Tuesday morning

A human skull that appears to have been dug up by the worker

Construction workers at a housing estate got an unusual shock when they unearthed bones, a skull and wooden coffins.

The grim discovery of the human remains took place at the multi-million pound construction site in Orr Street, Calton, Glasgow on Tuesday morning.

The derelict land is close to St Mary’s Cemetery, to the rear of St Mary’s Church on Abercromby Street, which closed around 1870.

Footage from the scene shared with the Daily recording show the bones sticking out of the freshly turned earth.

Workmen made the grim discovery on the empty brownfield site as they excavated the area, which will become new homes.

Work was immediately halted by developer AS Homes and The Home Group, to allow time for the bones to be excavated.

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Wood used in coffins at the East End site

Bones were among the items found

AS Homes said they knew the site was near the historic cemetery when they won the contract to build 80 new homes.

They said that before starting work on the site, they applied for a warrant allowing them to deal with any remains that might be found.

A spokesperson for AS Homes said: “The Orr St site is adjacent to a historic cemetery which closed around 1870.

“When working near a burial site, remains may be found beyond the boundaries of the actual burial site.

“We have followed standard protocol, as advised by Glasgow City Council, which was to seek a warrant which is in line with the process should any remains be found.

“We have done so and will follow the agreed process to ensure that all remains are handled appropriately.

“We can confirm that some remains have been found beyond the original cemetery at Orr St.

“We have stopped work in the area where these remains were found and it is now fenced off. The remains will be carefully excavated and moved with dignity and respect.”

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