Haunting at the New York State Capital Building


Halloween items and decorations have been available in stores for weeks! From pumpkin spice latte to inflatables, there’s something for everyone to celebrate the spooky season. But one of the best traditions this time of year is to take a haunted tour or horse-drawn carriage ride and there is one that may be worth the trip.

New York State has a great and vast history. From Buffalo to Long Island, there are incredible places and historic architecture that attract people from all over the world. But in the history of some of these glorious structures, one can find stories of things that cannot be explained and now is your chance to visit one of them.

Capitol Hauntings tours at the State Capitol in Albany will begin on Monday, October 3. People will have the opportunity to join a free tour of the building and hear stories about stories of ghost sightings and other bizarre occurrences that have been reported at the Capitol.

Does the night watchman who died in the Capitol fire in 1911 still do his rounds? Explore these questions and other stories of sightings and strange things about our special Capitol hauntings New York State Capitol Tour. The tour lasts about an hour, but the scary stories might haunt you forever.

We are fortunate here in the Western New York and Buffalo area to have some of the best haunted wagon tours and rides. Some of our favorites include “The Nightmare Hayrides” in Ellicottville and Everhaunt in Angola.

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