Hardwick Road, King’s Lynn’s car crashes into house


12:27 23 March 2022

A head of household faces a bill of tens of thousands of euros after a car crashed into his house.

A black VW people carrier entered the property of Graham Bocking in King’s Lynn on Tuesday afternoon.

The impact caused severe structural damage to the front of the Victorian three-bed semi-trailer on Hardwick Road near Southgates Roundabout and Hardwick Cemetery.

The driver, believed to be in his 30s, was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital but is not believed to have suffered serious injuries in the collision.

“I wasn’t there, but my sister was,” said warehouse worker Mr Bocking. “She was about to leave the house and there was an almighty accident, a car had rammed in front.

“She’s fine, she wasn’t hurt, but it was just a matter of luck that she wasn’t out. If it had been 30 seconds later, it might have been different .”

A neighbour, who also said she was out when the crash happened, said: “A car drove straight into it.

Damage to a bay window to the front of the property
– Credit: Chris Bishop

“Apparently it was some sort of medical incident, but I don’t know more than that.”

The driver was freed from the car by firefighters before being taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital by the ambulance service. Police say the accident happened around 3:30 p.m.

Busy Hardwick Road was closed for around three hours after the accident while emergency services dealt with the incident, causing queues and long delays on the south side of King’s Lynn.

home accident

The front of the house was shored up and fenced in after the accident
– Credit: Chris Bishop

Part of a front bay was demolished by the car, while one side is now supported by wooden beams.

The front of the house is fenced and Mr. Bocking currently has to use the rear entrance to enter and exit the property.

Regarding the cost of repairing the damage, he said: “I would say at least £20,000, probably more than that, to fix things.”


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