Fargo Honor Guard and Funeral Directors Discuss Construction Plans for Fargo National Cemetery


FARGO, ND (KVRR) – Funeral directors are showing their support for the Fargo National Honor Guard’s criticism of a toilet project that critics are calling an outhouse at Fargo National Cemetery.

Members of the Honor Guard present their case to FM Region Funeral Directors for a building at Fargo National Cemetery.

Fargo Memorial Honor Guard spokesman Tom Krabbenhoft said some funeral directors were skeptical of the logistics of the building plan.

One included securing the purchase of the land for where they wanted to put the building.

“Time constraints from one department to another was a big issue that was raised as well as parking. These are two big issues that have been raised. And how to get the coffin from point A to point B once they exit the property,” says Krabbenhoft.

He says most of the Fargo community supports the building project and says it’s about providing a safe space for veterans.

“What we really wanted to convey were the options and flexibility that a private use facility would give us and the different things we can offer once that happens. It will make their job easier and our job easier. Again, the bottom line is that it always benefits veterans and especially families. That’s what we all want,” says Krabbenhoft.

North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven said work is underway to add more restroom upgrades and to purchase more land to ensure the cemetery has enough burial space.

He will discuss other plans with the Fargo Memorial Honor Guard and has scheduled a press conference for Friday morning.

“We are very grateful to Senator Hoeven for giving us the time to discuss our concerns, what is happening. The inconvenience with the VA and hopefully we can drown out a lot of the noise that’s going on and everything,” Krabbenhoft said.

Krabbenhoft says the honor guard has raised more than $1 million and that number is growing every day.

Their goal is to reach between 2 and 3 million dollars.


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