Emmerdale’s greatest secrets, including the hidden house no one sees and the real graveyard


Emmerdale is one of the UK’s longest-running soap operas – but we told you you didn’t know these exciting things about the show’s incredible setting!

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Richard Arnold Reveals the Secrets of Creating Emmerdale’s Sets

Emmerdale has established itself as one of the UK’s top soap operas – but there are secrets on set that fans may not know!

Viewers of the ITV soap opera have watched over the past few months as the soap treats fans with huge storylines, including a gun showdown and the eventual capture of evil serial killer Meena Jutla, the devastating battle for Marlon Dingle’s health after suffering a stroke, and the massive Super Soap Week stunt that saw many characters nearly drop to death.

Even as an avid fan of the show, you might not know there’s a house on set that’s never been seen on screen.

Here, the Mirror has revealed some of the show’s biggest setting secrets, including an actual graveyard and the clever way the bosses have ensured the village looks like it for years.

Emmerdale’s iconic Woolpack pub blew up – before undergoing major refurbishment



Mold is something we’ve all had to deal with in our homes at some point, but trying to deal with it when you don’t have it isn’t as easy as you might think! In order to give the impression that the village has existed for years, the bosses decided that it was best to create a fake mold effect.

To do this, they threw yoghurt and manure on the walls to make it look more authentic.

“To give it the look of a centuries-old village, they’ve crushed the stones to give it an authentic look,” entertainment correspondent Richard Arnold recently revealed on Good Morning Britain.

“Here’s a DIY trick for you, they threw yogurt and manure on the walls to promote lichen growth.”

There are houses hidden on the board!



Elsewhere, there’s a secret house hidden on the board that no one can see! The Emmerdale crew used to film in a real village, but they moved to a purpose-built set, which allowed them to create some very special hideouts on set.

Wondering where the whole crew is going – or where the actors are getting ready for their scenes – some of the houses on the street actually house the show’s production during filming days. They are never seen in close-up onscreen, but some houses are where the show’s staff store their props or where the actors go to have their hair and makeup done.

Arriving at what is billed as Harriet Finch’s home, Richard revealed the building’s true purpose on set in Leeds: “For me it was always Edna’s house – now Harriet and co live here and if you’re in the mood for a touch up and a tickle, this is the place to go, because it’s actually the makeup department whenever the cast and crew shoot here.”

There is a graveyard on Emmerdale Plateau!



What village would be complete without a cemetery and Emmerdale is the only soap to have its own!

The graveyard – home to Liam and Meena’s incredible chase scene – is where many of the show’s most famous characters were laid to rest, but fans might not know there are also real tombstones.

It all happened when a London graveyard was cleared for development, and the headstones that had been left there were then removed and sent to Yorkshire. However, fans will be happy to know that the bodies haven’t been moved either, so only the headstones are real, rather than the plots they mark!

Some of the scenes from the soap opera – including those in David’s shop – are filmed on a special set at a studio in Leeds, as the small and cramped buildings in the village make moving around for the cast and crew a bit difficult!

* Emmerdale airs on ITV every weeknight at 7.30pm.

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