When installment loans do not wait: How to reduce costs?


Before we introduce you to the first 5 tips to improve the financial situation , we have one general for you – with a smile everything goes better .

You do not have to laugh immediately from ear to ear, but try to find small positives for your difficult situation. Maybe a lack of money will finally end your bad habit, start walking more, or get a better overview of your finances.

Plan your expenses

Plan your expenses

The budget is the foundation. Because until you know what you’re spending, you can’t know where to save. You should keep track of your family ‘s income and expenditure for at least three months.

Tip: Divide your monthly expenses into fixed (non-bank loan repayments, food, energy bills), variable (buying clothes, visiting a cinema), and extraordinary (repairs and other large expenses). Then try to reduce your permanent expenses as much as possible, completely reduce your variable expenses and have extra reserve prepared for extraordinary expenses. Alternatively, if you are burdened with a non-bank loan from multiple companies, you can have it consolidated into one, or consolidate).

Reduce cigarette consumption

If you want to quit smoking long ago, you now have a unique opportunity. A pack of cigarettes costs about 80 CZK and if you smoke at least one every day, your wallet is lighter by 2,400 CZK per month.

Tip: If you are out of the question to stop smoking from one day to the next, try reducing it at least. Instead of 7 boxes a week, treat yourself to just 5 or straighten one box for two days. At the same time, encourage yourself with the idea that you will benefit twice from renunciation – you will save and do something for your health.

Leave the car in the garage

Do you really have to drive to and from work by car? And for kids to school and for shopping too? Petrol prices are high, and shorter distances around the city are mostly uneconomic.

Tip: Calculate the monthly cost of petrol and compare it to the price of a monthly public transport ticket. Certainly we do not recommend driving black . The fine is the last thing you need in your situation.

Cook smarter and benefit your health and wallet


You can usually save the most on meals without having to eat poorly. On the contrary! All you need to do is to avoid semi-finished and industrially processed products. Instead, buy fresh ingredients and process them yourself. If you like sweet, try buying fruit instead of chocolates and wafers.

Tip: View action flyers for shops near you and plan a diet based on food in action. But it is not worth to ride over half a city only for discounted eggs.

Check with your service provider

Every one of us should sit down every once in a while to see if it is worth his energy or internet provider. But hand on heart – who makes us? You now have a great opportunity.

Beware of other loans

Beware of other loans

Another non-bank loan is by no means a solution. Forget about solving the difficult situation with a loan and try to endure somewhat more modest life. Of course there are things that do not wait, such as buying a new appliance or medical care, but in that case, family or friends can help.