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If you’re like me, you love finding places where they film your favorite shows. Georgia Is Ripe With The Filming Location Of Big Netflix Shows Like ‘Stranger Things’

The Victor Creel home from season 4 of the hit Netflix series is a real home in Rome, GA. It’s a real residence and the owners aren’t big fans of people prowling around but it’s really cool to go and see.

This Youtube video was shot just before they started filming on location. A large backdrop helped block off the buildings in front of the Creel house. The playground seen in ‘Stranger Things’ has actually been put into post-editing. It doesn’t really exist.

The physical address is 906 E 2nd Ave SW and the house was recently operated as a bed and breakfast called the Claremont House until 2019. The current owners are in the process of renovating it to make it a private residence.

There are actually several great locations you can visit where filming took place for this show in Georgia.

The Hawkin National Laboratory was actually a barricaded building that once housed the Georgia Mental Health Institute on the Emory campus. Its physical address is 1256 Briarcliff Road Northeast, Atlanta, 30306.

The external shot for Hawkin Police Station were made in Douglasville, GA. You can go to 8485 Courthouse Square West, Douglasville to see this building used for these scenes.

Hawkins Middle School and Hawkins High School filming location was Patrick Henry Adult Education. The address is in Stockbridge, GA at 109 South Lee Street.

This was the college the boys attended for the first two seasons. The main dramatic moment of Season 1 took place at Hawkins High, where Nancy, Jonathan, Steve, and Billy attend school.

Downtown Hawkins, Melvald’s General Store, Hawkins Library and Hawk Theater (Bradley’s Old Tavern) can all be found around Jackson, GA.

The Starcourt Shopping Center had many large stages in season 3. It is actually the Gwinnett Place Mall located at 2100 Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth.

Season 3 also revolved around a community pool that Billy, the lifeguard, worked in. This Hawkins Community Pool was filmed in Atlanta at the South Bend Pool. It is located at 2000 Lakewood Avenue Southeast, Atlanta.

Many other small towns in Georgia were used to create this mega hit of a show. Lithia Springs (Benny’s Burgers), Smyrna (Hawkins Memorial Hospital), Douglasville (Family Video), Stone Mountain (railroad tracks, cemetery, and woodland scenes), Lithonia (The Hawkins Post), and Norcross (Enzo’s Pizza). Click here to find out more.

Many Youtubers went to crash the sets and see what they could find around Georgia. Look at this:


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