Veterans Memorial Building at Chief Tecopa Cemetery will receive $646,000 for reconstruction


The Pahrump Veterans Memorial inside Chief Tecopa Cemetery is a common gathering place in the valley, with local veterans organizations holding regular celebrations and military ceremonies at the site, but for long years , one convenience was conspicuously absent: the toilets.

Although there is a Veterans Memorial Building at the cemetery, it was not designed with toilets in mind. After several years of trying to remedy this problem, the Pahrump Veterans Memorial Advisory Board has successfully won approval for a project that will not only bring restrooms to the site, but will see the Veterans Memorial Building demolished and rebuilt at start from nothing.

The Nye County Commission, sitting as the city of Pahrump’s board of directors, discussed awarding a contract for the project at its meeting on Wednesday, September 7. As explained that afternoon, demolishing the existing structure and erecting an entirely new one would actually be more profitable for the city.

“It costs more to add bathrooms to the building than to completely tear it down, put a new foundation… than to go ahead and modify it,” said commission chairman Frank Carbone, noting that the building had actually originally been a pole barn. “That’s why remodeling it and installing the bathrooms there is such a huge amount of work,” he added.

Double M Construction, the only bidder for the project, had submitted two different offers. The first sketched out an estimate of the work initially proposed by the municipality and another proposed an alternative solution, a complete reconstruction. The cost of renovating the current building would be $771,000 while demolishing and constructing a new facility would only total $686,000, a difference of nearly $100,000.

“Double M Construction suggests the following as an alternate bid for the current project,” company officials said in their bid. “Complete demolition of the current building and the slab; a complete recasting of the footings and foundations and the wood/metal frame of the building on the slab; the building will be built according to the same specifications and dimensions as those indicated in the quote request indicated…; the proposed exterior of the building will be a mix of smooth stucco with elastomeric paint, stained wood exposed beams and detailing and decorative stone to complement a modern farmhouse style; the proposed demolition would allow the current trees on site to remain to add shade and character to the building; new bushes and flowers would be added to complement the current landscape with a clean new look.

The site development will cost around $183,000 and the electrical, mechanical and plumbing has been estimated at just under $138,000. The interior fit-out, which will include restrooms with access inside and outside the building, will cost the city about $365,000. The building is expected to be approximately 2,500 square feet with a small patio in front.

Commissioner Debra Strickland moved the motion to award the contract to Double M Construction in the amount of $686,000, with $500,000 to be funded from the Pahrump Cemetery Fund and the remaining $186,000 to be paid from a fund to be determined by the Nye County Comptroller . This motion passed with all for.

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