The Yobs set Kilmarnock house on fire after burning a fly-end bed


Mindless thugs set fire to a house in Kilmarnock last night after setting fire to fly-end rubbish that lay against it.

Iona Wright, whose son and girlfriend were at the property at the time of the fire, said the fire could have had far more serious consequences.

The teenagers were at the back of the house when the huge fire tore through the side of the Kennedy Court house on Saturday afternoon just after 5pm.

Frantic neighbors bravely pulled the rubbish – a bed frame and mattress – from the gable just as the flames began to lick the roof.

The heroic locals helped the son of Iona try to put out the flames with water until the firefighters arrived.

Iona, 39, told Ayrshire Live: “I got a video call from my 17-year-old son showing me this fire at the side of the house.

“Luckily he and his girlfriend were next door when it happened, but our dog was still inside.

“But he came back for the dog. I was 15 minutes away and he called the fire department.

“Our neighbors were great and moved things to the side of the house while it was still on fire and helped my son throw water on the trash.”

A fire damaged a house in Kennedy Court, Kilmarnock

The side of Iona’s house is used as a trash can for a few houses and is a notorious place for fly dumps.

The bed and mattress dumped next to his house had been lying there for up to three days before the fire was started.

And the blaze was so fierce that firefighters checked Iona’s attic to make sure the fire hadn’t spread to her home. The crew also had to rip out the rough plaster and drill into a wall to check for embers.

A fire damaged a house in Kennedy Court, Kilmarnock

Iona added: “The firefighters actually had to rip the wall out to make sure there were no embers and that our coating had indeed melted, which it shouldn’t have.

“Luckily everyone is safe and there is no damage inside the house.

“I kept thinking today that it could have been much worse. My son is sleeping like a log and I think it took two or three minutes for the fire to reach full size.”

A fire damaged a house in Kennedy Court, Kilmarnock

It has been claimed that a gang of around 12 young people were responsible for the blaze and now questions are being raised about the use of CCTV in the area.

“We had a CCTV camera overlooking that area because I get a lot of volleys there, but now it’s gone because apparently it was only there temporarily.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said: ‘Officers received a report of a fire on Kennedy Court in Kilmarnock at around 5.30pm on Saturday 28th May.

“The fire is being treated as deliberate and has been extinguished by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. Inquiries are ongoing.”

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