The Brits left stitches on a cheeky window design that looks like something gross


The wonderful people of Reddit have been left behind after someone shared a photo of a rather crude window overlooking a graveyard in Banbury, Oxfordshire

Don’t pretend not to see it…

If you’ve ever had any doubts about the immaturity of British humour, look no further than this thread of Brits left giggling outside a rather crude window. You have to admit it’s pretty funny.

Whole swathes of Brits have been left behind after someone on Reddit highlighted an unusual window design which, if you’re more of a cheeky minded person, looks a lot like the shape of a penis.

According to daily star, the window appears on a lodge overlooking a graveyard in Banbury, Oxfordshire, and many people were stunned by its phallic appearance. I told you, immature humor.

The resemblance is uncanny



Either way, the window body is impressively long and consists of four panes – with the top piece of glass molded into a rounded point. The design also features a girthy exterior with a circular window on each side.

Reddit users were left in stitches at phallic windows, and so took the comments to mock the build.

‘I don’t see anything wrong here, it seems like a perfectly normal wangdow to me,’ one joked, while another added: ‘Every time we walk past to visit my grandma mother, I was laughing about that.”

A third commented: “The builders must have had fun when they put it up…” We see what you did there.

“Ahaha the fucking glorious window that sits right next to a graveyard…classic,” wrote a fourth, while another said, “Hope I’m not the only one who can see both windows below look like a pair of legs, spread apart and waiting…”

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