The best and worst places to buy a house in Greater Manchester – according to property experts


A study examining the housing market has revealed the best locations in Greater Manchester to buy a house in 2022.

Property researcher Garrington noted that millions of people across the country are still looking to work remotely and are starting to reassess what they want from their home, causing a shift in the UK property market. He also noted that many of the most sought-after locations are dedicated to “going green” with an emphasis on the environment.

Another prerequisite for buying a new home is access to fast broadband and internet connections so people can work from home reliably and comfortably. 2021 has also seen a huge increase in buyer demand in Garrington’s prime location, which has led to extremely rapid property sales.

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As far as Greater Manchester is concerned, none of the locations made it into the top 100 out of a possible 1372. In fact, one location has been ranked as low as 612.

Despite this, house prices in Greater Manchester are lower than the best Garrington locations across the UK, which average £500,000 above. By contrast, the highest house prices in Greater Manchester’s best locations average just over £350,000.

Find the best and worst places in Greater Manchester to buy a house in 2022 below:

The 3 best locations in Greater Manchester

  1. Rochdale (rank 188, average house cost £350,000)
  2. Bury (rank 338, average house cost under £350,000)
  3. Bolton (rank 362, average house cost under £350,000)

The 3 worst places in Greater Manchester

  1. Stockport (rank 390, average house cost £350,000-£650,000)
  2. Oldham (Rank 546, average house cost under £350,000)
  3. Wigan (rank 612, average house cost under £350,000)

In comparison, with the top locations in Greater Manchester, Garrington’s top 10 locations in the UK are all in the south of the country where average house prices are much higher than in the north west. Here are the top 10 locations in the UK, according to Garrington:

Top 10 places to live in 2022

  1. Bath
  2. Lyme Regis
  3. Salisbury
  4. Cato
  5. Kidwelly
  6. fowey
  7. Wilton
  8. Hadleigh
  9. Folkestone
  10. Newport

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