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By Paul Orude Bauchi

A teenage girl was found in an unfinished building in the Yelwa district of Bauchi in a worrying condition.

According to Neighborhood Watch, a vigilante group, the girl was found in the unfinished building adjacent to the cemetery on Monday morning.

Dawopda John, member of Neighborhood Watch, Yelwa Division, told our correspondent that the girl, aged 10 to 12, was found traumatized with bruises on her face.

“We found her around 7 a.m.,” he said.

“She was sitting outside without a dress. We asked her a series of questions but she couldn’t speak but seemed to hear what people were saying but couldn’t respond verbally.

“I called people to help me ask the girl why she was sitting in front of an incomplete building with no clothes on.

“We discovered that she was traumatized”

David said he alerted the members and called his Yelwa Division Commander to call the Yelwa Division DPO.

“Luckily we had the DPD dispatch staff and take the girl into custody for further investigation,” he said.

“Based on the assessment, we suspect a case of rape, but we cannot yet be certain.

“On her skirt, there seemed to be traces of semen drops or something and the bruises on her neck showed that something had happened to her”

He advised members of the public to help the group with information on cases like this.

“The young girl was taken to the police in the company of an NGO l’Enfant c’est de l’Or with a vehicle and we are awaiting the return of the police”


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