School mask policies; Selectmen on Neary Building Committee; regional school budget; and conservation hearings


through Beth to February 14, 2022

Above: These days (unless otherwise noted), all City committees and councils are back to meeting on zoom.

Here are the committee and board meetings posted for this week along with my selected highlights from the agendas.

Unless otherwise stated, meetings are all remote sessions open to the public.*

As always, be aware that changes to the meeting schedule are known to occur throughout the week. (Scroll down for more details on the meetings that arose after last Monday’s post.) For an updated list of meetings, visit city ​​website.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

  • Joint School Board Policy Development Sub-Committee Meeting for Northborough and Southborough4:15 p.m. (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Review of Face Covering Policy and Flexible Masking Policy Discussion with Medical Advisory Team (Click here to register for the webinar)
  • Breeders Council Meeting6:30 p.m. (agenda and material) Agenda Highlights: Hearing for change of post at the cemetery; Charge for the construction committee of the nearby school; FY23 Financial Report and Budget; Board of Health; National Historic Designation for Southborough Centre; Discuss the date and items of the town meeting; charge of the 300th anniversary committee; Mirimax turning; Request for information from the ARPA committee
    • Capital Planning Committee – Academic Research Sub-Committee Meeting6:30 p.m. (agenda) Agenda Highlights: (posted in case of quorum) Participate in the Board of Selectmen’s discussion on the review and approval of a charge for a Neary School Building Committee
    • Board of Health meeting6:30 p.m. (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Joint meeting with Board of Selectmen on BOH budget, BOH request for ARPA funds, and mask mandate in city buildings
  • Municipal technology committee meeting7:00 p.m. (agenda) Agenda Highlights: 5-year strategic technology plan, recommended ARPA projects; upcoming polls; Replacement server setup and budget review; EHR and Data Security for Youth and Family Services; Provider/path diversity for 2 Internet connections; library access points; preparation of the municipal assembly; Tracking Action Items
  • Leisure committee meeting7:00 p.m. (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Updates on programs, registrations and ongoing projects (lighting & grounds); Discuss ARPA funding, spring field permits; Revolving Fund Expenditure Cap Increase, Van Purchase, Late Pickup Policy and Fee, Draft ADA Approval, 9/11 Land Fund Obligation Transfer, Update space needs study and little league

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

  • Staff council meeting09:00 (agenda) Agenda Highlights: assistant director/nurse/outreach coordinator classification; Salary study consultant interviews; SAP Reviews – Benefits Survey; Authorization to disburse payments; Building Department added local inspector to Appendix C
    • Board of Health meeting09:00 (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Joint Meeting with Staff Council on Public Health Nurse/Assistant Director/Outreach Coordinator Salary and Vacation
  • Southborough Housing Authority meeting5:30 p.m. (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Executive Director’s Report
  • Northborough-Southborough Regional School Committee Meeting6:30 p.m. (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Covid 19 update and mask recommendation – Reasonable exit ramp; Mandate items for the replacement and expansion of a redundant hot water system for Algonquin and for the establishment of a capital stabilization fund; Move/Add public comments in meetings; Mascot Study Group; Presentation of the recommended budget for FY23; Bartlett Street Road Safety Audit; First reading of the face covering policy (Click here to register for the webinar)
  • Master Plan Committee Meeting7:00 p.m. (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Discuss the review of the chapters on housing, public service and schools, and implementation; Further review of the chapter on economic development; Gather the plan
  • Meeting of the working group on the rue Saint-Marc park7:00 p.m. (agenda) Agenda Highlights: elect officers; Discuss next steps

Thursday, February 17, 2022

  • Noise By-Law Committee Meeting7:00 p.m. (agenda) Agenda Highlights: Review legal review; Work on Draft and presentation to selectors; Public Forum Overview and Promotion
  • Conservation Commission meeting7:00 p.m. (agenda and material) Agenda Highlights: Hearings on 193 Cordaville Notice of Intent for Paving and Additions, 71 Main St & 1 Sears Rd Storm Water Management for New Homes, and for Ken’s Foods Warehouse Addition and Certificate of Compliance; Request for certificates of compliance for 11, rue Prentiss and Stonebrook Court; 84 Main Street changes/updates; Chestnut Hill Farm Management Plan; SMP policy updates; Updates on Open and Active Sites and Member Tracking Requests, and Breakneck Hill Dump Tasks 1 and 2

Looking back:

Below is a meeting from last week that was posted after I ran last week’s list:

Thursday, February 10, 2022

  • Southborough Housing Opportunities Partnership Committee Meeting8:30 a.m. (agenda, video) Agenda Highlights: Affordable Housing Trust – Five-Year Plan – Preparation of the article of mandate and opinion of the municipal council; Discuss ARPA’s Final Rule and Top 4 Spending Priorities, EDC’s One-Stop Expression of Interest and MBTA Communities
  • ARPA committee meeting7:30 p.m. (agenda, video) Agenda Highlights: Discuss committee objectives, fundraising, community surveys, evaluation criteria and next steps

*The City intends to make each of its public meetings remotely available for viewing/ stream live (and recorded) video and audio on YouTube with some available for public comment by zoom. Live streaming of school committee meetings is only available for viewing via webinars.


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