Proposed Northern Michigan Veterans Cemetery Passes in State Senate Presented to House for Approval


A movement to create a new veterans cemetery in northern Michigan has just passed a major milestone.

The Michigan Senate approved New Cemetery Bill 971 – along with $1.5 million in the new state budget for the design and feasibility study of the proposed cemetery in Michigan County. Crawford.

“This is a bill that we’ve been working on with several people in Crawford County relating to Camp Gayling’s military background,” said Sen. Curt VanderWall (R) of the 35th District. “Right now, the state of Michigan is one of the only states that does not have a state-run veterans cemetery. We currently have 2 federally run veterinary cemeteries, but nothing up north.

The $1.5 million would go towards design creation and a feasibility study.

“When the design is complete, the approval is given and the cemetery is built, we are actually reimbursed by the federal government, so there will be no cost for this cemetery for Crawford County or the State. “Senator VanderWall said.

Bill 971 is currently in the State House awaiting approval. If approved, Sen. VanderWall said it would be submitted to the governor for approval.

Supporters hope the cemetery will be operational in 2024.

“It gives them a good place to rest,” Sen. VanderWall said. “It’s state-run, centrally located, so it’s not out of the way for a lot of people to go and visit loved ones after their funeral. It’s just a great way to honor those who have served our country and given us the freedoms we enjoy.


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