Plans for alcohol and music at Design Chapel, Southampton, approved


The CONTROVERSIAL plan to start serving alcohol in a converted chapel in Southampton has been given the green light.

Southampton City Council has confirmed that a license has been granted to Design Chapel in Cemetery Road in Southampton Common which could see the introduction of a business hub.

However, a number of restrictions have been put in place following outrage from local residents.

A spokesperson for Southampto City Council said: “The committee has granted the licence, but with reduced hours.

“The committee, as with any request for premises, limited itself to considering the impact the request would have on one of the four license objectives; crime and disorder, prevention of public nuisance, public safety and prevention of damage to children.

“He also advised the petitioner to be careful about the type and nature of events occurring at the premises so as not to cause any nuisance or disturbance within the cemetery.”

Intended to be used for business events, breakfasts, trainings and parties, the proposals would see alcohol served on site and in the building.

Live music was also offered.

Over 50 objections were received claiming the area is a ‘place of calm’ adding that people are buried at the site.

A resident said: ‘I am appalled that such a business can even be considered appropriate in this place.’

Another wrote: ‘I have family members buried in the cemetery and regularly visit their graves to lay flowers and plans and to have quiet contemplation and remembrances of my loved ones.

“The idea of ​​the peaceful atmosphere being disrupted by music and the consequences of drinking alcohol, with the added risk of vandalism and misbehavior, worries me a great deal.”

Other concerns raised included disturbance to wildlife and parking, as well as noise and litter.

However, 3 Men Squared Limited, the company behind the desks, says it is not a drinking establishment.

The application states: “We are not and will not be primarily about the consumption of alcohol, we are not a drinking establishment, we are seeking the necessary license to rent the space for events and allow the consumption of alcohol. ‘alcohol.

“We have thick stone walls and no windows on the ground floor, so it’s not obvious that people are in the building.”


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