Monroe takes next step toward $15 million public works building


When Morton said the city hadn’t decided on a location and was considering several options, Callahan said it was like buying “a saddle without a horse.”

Brock reiterated the city’s plans to move forward on the project once a location has been secured.

Mayor Keith Funk said the $6,300 investment, or 0.042% of the estimated cost, was “marginal risk” for such an expensive project and “an easy pill to swallow.”

Morton said site selection will be based on how long it takes trucks to reach major roads during snowfalls; how easily the public is to find and large enough to meet families when they visit cemetery grounds; and flat land with pre-existing natural drainage as opposed to land that requires significant leveling during construction.

In an earlier meeting, Morton said he would like the project to be completed by 2025.

Kacey Waggaman, deputy city manager, said the city could issue bond anticipation notes or short-term notes that would be enough to buy the land, and then the city could consider long-term notes for the construction.


  • Cincinnati Commercial Construction offered to build on its property on Edison Drive. That would be 18,190 square feet for offices. It includes a mechanical garage, a new salt barn and a drying bed. This would require significant regrading to prevent future flooding.
  • Southeast corner of Ohio 63 and Salzman Road. Director of Public Works Gary Morton said this site would be the best because it has direct access to Ohio 63, the land is flat with natural drainage to a waterway, the owner may be selling what is necessary in relation to the entire parcel, and the land is suitably zoned since it is located in a commercial zone.
  • 29.13 acres of land on Garver Road. Morton said the negatives of this property are: it is not known if the owner is interested in selling; location would increase reaction time; the site is adjacent to residential properties; and this may require the purchase of more square footage than necessary.
  • The current facility located at 1000 Holman Ave. The city owns the land and there are 35 acres surrounding the property for sale.

SOURCE: City of Monroe


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