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MARLOW – The Marlow Municipal Authority gathered for a regular meeting on Monday, where council heard updates on the Eddie Palmer Park project and approved a deal.

Comments from city administrators prevailed at Monday night’s MMA meeting.

McPherson updated the Eddie Palmer Park board and the plaque that sits on the Eddie Palmer concession stand.

“There are only a few weeks left from the start, except for some exceptional things that are either on a ship or not built, etc.,” McPherson said. “There will be delays on that, but as far as WW is concerned, everything will be done.”

McPherson said he wanted the community to know who Eddie Palmer was.

“One of the main things when we talked all those years to do the concession stand was to reintroduce everyone to who Eddie Palmer was,” McPherson said. “This plaque will hang on the north wall next to one of the windows – the north window of the concession stand, so you can see who Eddie Palmer really was.”

According to McPherson, this, along with the cemetery building, comes down to the last days of actual work.

McPherson told Eddie Palmer that they needed a 600 amp fuse box to carry everything and that the cemetery was heated on Monday, January 24.

“It’s fine with that – but we’re expecting that and some toiletry stuff,” McPherson said.

McPherson said it was important to him to help the community know who Eddie Palmer was and that there is a reason the park is named after Palmer.

“(Palmer) was a baseball player and he umpired,” McPherson said. “He umpired little league baseball games in Marlow, Oklahoma and he’s lived in Marlow with his family since 1902, fought in World War I.”

In other news, the MMA Board discussed Resolution 467 which would approve participation in the Municipal Electric Systems of Oklahoma Inc (MESO) Mutual Aid Agreement.

McPherson said MESO has changed its name.

“The only thing that has changed is that MESO has changed its name from OMA to MESO,” McPherson said.

According to McPherson, they are longtime members of the self-help program with MESO.

The Board of Directors passed Resolution 467 with a vote of 7 to 0.

The Marlow Municipal Authority will hold its next meeting at 5:30 p.m. on February 22, in the council chambers at 119 S. Second Street.


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