Massage Design and Innovation Changes Lives


Knoxville, Tenn. (WATE) – At Massage Design and Innovation, you can have the peace of mind of a company that takes disease prevention seriously.

At Massage Design and Innovation, owner and operator Temis Guzman has had an eventful life. Temis is a military veteran, a firefighter, and a human hat-wearer considering the many hats he wears every day. Temis is very proud of the BVRS ​​system he has created, a system for assessing the level of germ contamination that can be found in any room. With this system, Temis has the tools and capabilities to drop that BVRS ​​rating exponentially through a blend of high-tech innovation and holistic approaches to wellness and healing. Old World.

But the excitement around massage design and innovation doesn’t stop there. These beautiful terrariums with virgin and soothing vegetation, these were made by hand by Temis. Tailor-made Pomanders? Also bespoke by Temis based on customer requirements. Even the artwork on the wall is made by Temis and customized to help purify the air using sterilizing paints and air-purifying herbs and plants.

For more information visit the Massage Design and Innovation website.


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