[LOOK] Chairbox Design creates coffin chairs that are perfect for dead-end jobs


Are you tired of your dead end corporate job? Are you tired of being stuck in your chair for long hours? Well, this coffin chair might be perfect for you!

As reported by Yanko Design, the chair was built by Chair box design, a former industrial designer based in London, UK. The designer created this tank so that “once the employee dies on the job, management just nails the lid down and rolls it in a corporate graveyard. Simple but effective.”

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Completely wooden

The entire exterior of the chariot appears to be wooden and carved to look like a traditional coffin, but more interestingly, the interior of it also appears to be wooden.

However, the chair does not appear to have any comfortable padding for the user to sit on, but the wood could provide excellent lumbar support, according to Yanko Design.

Additionally, it seems to come in a range of colors, mostly shades of brown from light to dark. One is walnut, while the other is charcoal wood.

The origin and history of the coffin chair has also given rise to much speculation. Netizens said he seems to have been inspired by René Magritte’s painting The Balcony (1950). Four coffins are depicted in the painting on a balcony, one of which is a coffin chair.

The idea of ​​a coffin chair captures all the dreadful feelings that workers experience during their tiring job. No wonder so many people have resonated with this chair.

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The risk of sitting for eight hours a day

Chairbox Designer said in an interview with Interesting engineering that the conceptual coffin chair came to light while he was working on a standing desk project for a client.

He researched sitting and claimed a study found that sitting for six to eight hours a day made someone more likely because by design people aren’t supposed to sit on chairs for eight hours a day.

“Some people have mentioned that I used Magritte’s paintings as a reference but I had not seen them before. It was just a pure reflection of my state. The first vision of the chair came to me when I was in my friend’s living room lying on the floor with my legs on the couch. I thought if I died in that pose they might have to bury me like that.”

Chairbox Designer studied the construction of the coffin and the base of the caster chair during the CAD design of the chair. However, this product is not yet available in the market because it has not yet been produced.

The designer also noted that he primarily views the chair as an art object.

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