Kenton, Miniota, Evergreen Place and Princess Lodge share early summer news


Evergreen Place by Helen Martens

Hi there! The paper party is over, so I greet you again. Summer has finally arrived.

Brian Wilson reminds us, “Summer means happy times and good sunshine.” The sun was given to us but the happy times we have to plan for ourselves.

Evergreen residents have been busy for the past few weeks. Let me tell you about it.

Sherry Gompf from Edmonton visited her mother Phyllis and other family members. Phyllis and Sherry also attended Ina Slimmon’s July 2 celebration of life at the Oak Lake Community Hall.

Some nice events since the last log were the Canada Day fireworks, we also enjoyed the Canada Day Parade passing by the Evergreen.

Eileen Price spent a few days with her son Floyd in Clear Lake. Irene Rowand joined the Rowand family reunion in Elkhorn last week.

I had the privilege and pleasure of joining cousins ​​and their families for their annual family reunion at Gerald and Elly Martens. The highlight for me was the fishmeal that my nephew Gordon and Lynn from Ontario made for the 50 people gathered there.

My grandson, Steven, an avid fisherman, fished along Pipestone Creek west of Cromer. He heard a rustle behind him in the tall grass. Turning around, he saw a cougar following him and hissing at him. Luckily, he made it back safe and sound on the highway.

So far we’ve had two concerts in Victoria Park this summer. We, the residents who went there, enjoyed the outdoors and the music, along with many others. Concerts will continue weekly on Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. It’s a good place to meet friends you may not have seen in a while. I hope to see you there.

I enjoyed the evening at the Aud theater when Jim Treliving was there.

We have two new residents at Evergreen. We welcome Shirley Strachan, who moved from Miniota, and Carol Kotylak from Elkhorn. May he be a good home for you both.

Mark Gabrielle with his two cute Chihuahuas Roxy and Bobo, visited his mother Carol Gabrielle for several days.

Have a safe and happy summer.

Quote of the day: “All that is good, all that is magical happens between the months of June and August.” -Jenny Han

Kenton WSS By Karen Anderson

On June 9, the regular foot clinic was held with 10 clients. The next foot clinic will take place in seven weeks instead of six weeks due to local fairs in the area.

The GoSafe 2.0 lifeline was installed for a customer on June 14th. This is the latest model as it does not have a base/communicator unit. It only has a pendant and a charger. Again, you need good cell service, but it’s still connected via a land line. There was a promotion for Father’s Day, so two months were free. Setup fee is $70 and monthly fee is $69.95.

There was a COVID-19 vaccination clinic with Novavaccine also available in Virden on June 15. Novavaccine has a different formula than Pfizer or Moderna. Vaccination clinics for the fourth vaccine or the second booster are continuing and appointments are being made. There is a new virus, norovirus, which has gastrointestinal symptoms and appears to be related to seafood. There is no vaccine available. Some confusion that it is a variant of COVID-19, which it is not.

On June 19, Lenore WI held a car rally with food available for sale.

Canada Day events in Kenton were well attended. This included a pancake breakfast, a car rally and a barbecue dinner at the beef pit.

Signs were posted for Strawberry Picking at Grand Valley in Brandon the first week of July. The cost is $20 for a 4L bucket. Hamiota Arts Center Summer Assistants oversee the event.

Princess Lodge by Janice Simpson

Richard Magatiaux from Medicine Hat, Joanne and Allan Benedicton from Winnipeg, Ed and Laura Magatiaux from Kenosee Lake visited their mother, Irene Magatiaux, the weekend of June 26th.

Addie Young, accompanied by her daughters Kathy and Dororthy, visited Charmaine Rainey on July 4 and 5. She also saw a lot of residents she hadn’t seen in a long time and had a good visit.

Sympathy to Irène Magatiaux from the residents for the death of her brother. Also, sympathy to Gwen Charney and Audrey Watters on the passing of their sister Kay. Sympathy to the Lucina Decroliere family for the death of Lucina.

Joyce Heaman and Norma Millar from Bradwardine traveled to Nipawin Sask. July 5 for a few days with Marilyn Kinnear and Calvin Dion.

Janice Simpson and her family hosted their Christmas party at the home of Wayne, Marie, Drew and Aaron Simpson, along with Wayne and Lori, Randy and Kelsey Hudson. Lexi Stuart of Yorkton. Troy, Catherine, Ben, Logan and Kennedy of Virden, as well as Gordon. Lisa, Melissa and Lucus were there, along with Jason Sheane and his friend Hanna from Winnipeg. There were 22 of us. It was so good to see them all.

Brandon’s Ray Everett visited Grandma Bowles on Wednesday, July 13.

News from Miniota By Linda Clark

Week of July 8

We congratulate Rob and Marilyn Warkentin, Virden on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Grandparents John and Noreen Stowe, along with Wayne and Dorothy Brown, attended Abby Stowe’s 12th grade graduation in Rocanville. Other family members present were Darryl, Krista, Khloe and Boden Brown, Wendy Soder and Darlene Lane. Congratulations Abbie!

Sheila Kokorudz traveled to Calgary to attend the Grade 12 graduation of her granddaughter Cagney, daughter of Amanda and Rob Arran. She also attended her grandson Yusef’s 14th birthday party.

Visiting with Don and Sandra Armitage and here to attend their grandmother’s funeral were Lyle and Loni Armitage, Layne, Libby and Lachlan, Calgary, and Dustin and Kerilee Fouillard, Carter, Addy and Casey from Melfort.

Thanks to our senior coordinators Adrienne Bryant and Sheila Kokorudz for the Canada Day decorations to brighten up our main street. Many enjoyed bingo at DropIn to celebrate Canada Day with cupcakes and punch.

Our condolences go out to Ruth Teasdale and her family on the passing of her brother Gordon Russet.

A warm welcome to Phyllis Thompson who has become a resident of Parkissimo Lodge. Enjoy your new home.

A wedding shower was held in honor of Rory Laite, daughter of Sean and Vickie Laite, on Saturday, June 2 at Miniota Community Hall.

Hats off to the Arrow River community for July 1 ball games and a big fireworks display in the evening! Enjoyed by many!

A friendly reminder to call news of your summer visitors and/or summer trips at 567-3847.

“A flower does not think to compete with the flower next to it. It just blooms. shin zen

Week of July 15

Mae Watters, Trudy Watters and Linda Wotton attended the funeral of Kay Rainka, daughter of the late Dick and Pearl Watters. The funeral took place on July 7 in Winnipeg.

Mike Morton, Stettler AB and Chris and Christine Tougas and family from Red Lake ON visited the Clark family. A rally was held at Ron and Irene Clark’s campsite at the Miniota Golf Course Campground on Thursday evening.

We send our best wishes to Shirley Strachan who has moved to The Evergreen in Virden. Enjoy your new home, Shirley.

A wind and rain storm hit our area on Sunday evening, with downed trees and utility poles in town and more water in the fields.

“Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people.” Karen Salmonsohn

Week of July 22

Enid Haines, Deanna and Addison Hawtin traveled to Innisfail, Alberta. to attend the July 19 funeral for Enid’s brother, John Newsham. Barb Haines, Lee and Jesse came from Peace River, Alberta. to join them there for a few days and attend the funeral.

Colin Campbell and Judy Stewart of Abbotsford, BC visited Stan and Bonnie Bryant. Stan and Bonnie have arranged a family reunion in their RV at Miniota Golf Course so everyone can visit Colin and Judy. On hand to visit Colin and Judy were Stan and Bonnie’s family, Norma Shurvell from Sherwood in Virden and Sheila Lockhart.

Deepest sympathy is extended to Brent Lelond, Winnipeg, Craig and Amanda Lelond, Cole and Carter, Rivers, and Andrew and Tammy Lelond, Liam, Riley and Hudson and Ryan Lelond and Ava-Joy on the death of their mother and grand- mother, Wendy Lelond on July 12. A funeral service was held July 20 at Miniota United Church with interment at Arrow River Cemetery. Wendy will be missed by her family and friends.

Deepest sympathy goes out to Tom Swiston and Kathy Taylor and their family on the passing of Tom’s mother, Shirley Swiston.

With this heat wave, a thunderstorm came again on Monday evening.

“Nothing can obscure the light that shines from within.” Maya Angelou


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