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In times of crisis and in times of hope, many of us turn to family. Being together brings comfort and allows us to share emotions, experiences and stories with those who know us best.

We often lean on our families at birthdays, weddings, and funerals, and now Valley View Funeral Home and Cemetery makes it easier for families to stay together, even after the death of loved ones.

“We are increasing the number of burials allowed per space, to allow families to be together,” says Trevor Tidridge, branch manager of Valley View Funeral Home and Cemetery. “It means families who may have struggled with limited space now have a new opportunity to rest next to grandparents or cherished relatives in the family plot.”

Whereas previously only two burials were allowed per space, Valley View’s new policy allows four burials. This change not only keeps families together, it also improves sustainability in a community where space is limited.

“There may also be families who store urns at home, who will want to take this opportunity to give their loved one a final resting place with the family. This is an inexpensive option – about a quarter of the cost of a traditional burial site – that still ensures your loved one is memorialized in a lasting way.

Valley View Funeral Home and Cemetery is increasing the number of burials allowed per space, to allow families to be together. Photo by Manpreet Sokhi

For families who do not yet have a final resting place, Valley View Funeral Home and Cemetery has also opened a new nature walk for cremation burials, named Cedar Lane.

“Cedar Lane is a rugged, wooded area that was otherwise unusable for traditional burial. We are now able to provide new opportunities for those seeking a more natural setting for a lasting memorial,” says Tidridge.

Cedar Lane offers families unique new options to commemorate their loved ones including; granite benches, pedestals, birdbaths, houses and natural stones set in gardens and walkways.

Plan ahead to avoid stress and extra costs

While many of us prefer to avoid thinking about death, planning ahead reduces the financial burden on your loved ones in times of distress. Equally important, it ensures that you will be remembered in a way that truly reflects who you were and how you lived. When dealing with estate planning, don’t forget to discuss your final arrangements as well. To learn more, visit

To start a conversation about adding to your family heirloom on existing land, or to book a tour of the new nature walk garden, Cedar Lane, call 604-596-7196 or visit the cemetery at 14644 72nd Ave. in Surrey.



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