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Rosh Hashanah is this week, celebrating the Jewish New Year. A Community Foundation fund enables a piece of Memphis’ Jewish history to help sustain its community for the future.

Founded in 1912 in a former synagogue in the Pinch neighborhood, the Jewish Neighborhood House served poor and uneducated immigrants arriving in Memphis. Classes at the House have helped newcomers learn English, find jobs and acquire civic skills. The original Jewish neighborhood house remained open for more than half a century, serving thousands of needy families before the center was demolished in 1963 to make way for a highway. It continued to offer some off-site services but ceased operations in 1980.

In the years that followed, the remaining assets of the Neighborhood House benefited various causes, and in 1991 the Jewish Neighborhood House Fund was established at the Community Foundation. It annually supports the Temple Israel Cemetery Fund, the Memphis Jewish Home, and the Temple Israel Museum.

Click here to learn more about the Jewish Quarter House and the fund, from an article originally published in the Community Foundation’s 2016 Annual Report.

Photo: © 2016 Center for Southern Folklore Archives, from the Celia Burson Collection


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