Jersey school seeks to keep vandals out by building boundary fence


Pupils at a school in St Helier have been unable to use parts of their playground because vandals keep breaking in and damaging equipment.

Sam Cooper, principal of the Auvergne school, said the ’emotional well-being’ of pupils and staff was negatively affected by the incidents.

Now a planning request to erect a 2.4m high fence around the perimeter of the school – in a bid to prevent further acts of vandalism – has been approved. The proposals also include the installation of a number of doors.

In a submission accompanying the application which was posted on the planning section of the government’s website, Mr Cooper said the scheme would bring facilities in Auvergne in line with similar safeguard improvements being made at other schools across the country. ‘island.

“The school has expressed ongoing concerns about members of the public accessing their site throughout the school day, as well as out of hours, and continued vandalism is a common theme,” he said. .

“This impacts outdoor learning, play space and safety for pupils in Auvergne, who are often prevented from accessing areas of the playground due to damage and health risks. health.”

He added that installing the fence was a “high priority” for the school.

“On several occasions, school staff asked members of the public to leave the school site and were met with abusive and difficult behavior. Fencing the property will give students and staff in Auvergne reassurance that their safety and well-being is paramount,” said Mr Cooper.

The school of Samarès encountered similar problems. Last year there was damage to their new basketball nets. The nets, which cost £499, had been in place for a short time and the incident temporarily prevented the school from setting up a basketball club.

The approved application for the fence at d’Auvergne comes with a condition that the school work with the government’s natural environment team to provide a ‘permeable fence’ to help maintain free movement within the compound hedgehogs and other small mammals – especially to the south of the site, which borders a cemetery.


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