Jenny loan – everything you need to know

A Jenny loan or loan can be understood in two ways . On the one hand, you can define a loan that is intended to pay an income tax underpayment which results from an annual tax return, on the other a loan that is granted on the basis of showing your Jenny . On this page, the latter situation will be discussed. 

What is the advantage of Jenny loans?

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Simplicity and little formality – all you need is your ID card and tax return, and the bank will make a decision based on this. No other certificates are required. This can be important for people who generally earn well and are currently undergoing some difficulties or are in transition (change or loss of job, retraining, housework or other non-professional duties).

Who can take a Jenny loan?

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When answering this question, it should be said that generally banks accept three types of declarations: Jenny-11, Jenny-40 and Jenny-40a (in some banks it is only Jenny-11). This means that the group of people who can apply for a Jenny loan closes in the group of people employed under a contract of employment , as well as pensioners .

Installment loans granted by non-bank companies are becoming more and more popular on the Lendy market. It is a convenient solution, which is chosen by people who cannot get a loan from the bank or who choose as an alternative to payday loans, which should usually be repaid within a short period, for example 30 days. Customers are looking for solutions tailored to their capabilities. In today’s article, we’ll look at installment loans with a decreasing installment. Are such financial products available on the Lendy market? How do they differ from loans with a fixed installment?