Investigation of the Tillicoultry construction site regarding the removal of bushes during the nesting season


CLAIMS that bushes were ‘uprooted’ from the ground at a building site in Tillicoultry in the middle of the nesting season are being investigated by the Clacks Council.

The issue was raised by Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton and Devonside Community Council, who shared photos of ‘the destruction done’ to the housing plot.

Planning permission is in place for the site north of Cemetery Lodge, however the Community Council has raised concerns that bushes have been removed without a breeding bird check having been undertaken.

Community representatives explained that this would be contrary to a condition attached to the development.

Ian Millar of the Community Council said: ‘The Community Council for Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton and Devonside is very concerned that bushes have been uprooted at the building site on land north of Cemetery Lodge, Dollar Road, Tillicoultry .

‘It is bird nesting season and this work should not have taken place until checks were carried out.’

He added: ‘Why did this homebuilder come in and start ripping everything out with no regard for the wildlife on this land and start work without telling the council?

According to a condition attached to the approved development, granted by the local Clackmannanshire (LRB) review body, “between March and August in any calendar year, no work shall take place to fell or prune trees on the site unless breeding bird checks have been carried out”. was undertaken by a suitably qualified ecologist just prior to the start of work.

It adds: “Where control is required, development is carried out in accordance with the recommendation of the ecologist, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the planning authority”.

Whether the “bushes” are covered by the condition remains unclear.

A spokesman for Clackmannanshire Council told the Advertiser“This question was raised with the town planning department.

“The concerns raised are currently being investigated and a response to the inquiry received will be provided in due course.”

the Advertiser contacted the officers named in the LRB decision in an effort to trace the claimant for a response.


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