Historic North Darlington Cemetery Home to be auctioned off


A COUNCIL confirmed it was auctioning off a historic building in Darlington.

Darlington Borough Council is to sell the North Cemetery House near Thompson Street West at public auction.

The land for the cemetery was given to the council by the five sons of Joseph Pease at the end of 1872 to build the new cemetery.

A spokesperson for Darlington City Council confirmed that the cabinet had agreed to auction the building.

The Friends of North Park and North Cemetery committee is now “strongly” urging the council to use the auction money wisely.

A spokesperson for the committee said: “While it is sad to see the house decay and vandalized for several years, the Friends agree that a sale to someone who will maintain the building may be the best route. to be continued.

“The friends are convinced that the profits should not go into the council cemetery budget for general upkeep, repair and maintenance of the north cemetery site – we would prefer that the profits be used for extras more in line with the charitable goal.

“After discussing this issue with many local residents, Friends believe that this also reflects general opinion at the local level. ”

A spokesperson for Darlington City Council said, “We share Friends’ optimism that a new owner will be able to provide future maintenance for the building.

“Any receipt from the sale of the building will be used for the upkeep and upkeep of the North Cemetery, in accordance with the consultations and advice of the Charities Commission. ”


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