Gun safety bill born out of Guilford tragedy passes US House


(WTNH) – As the nation grapples with what to do about the horrific spate of recent mass shootings, a gun safety bill born out of a Guilford tragedy is set to become law federal.

The US House of Representatives is expected to vote on the “Protecting Our Kids Act”. It’s a set of 8 gun control bills that came out of the House Judiciary Committee last week. One of those bills is a federal version of “Ethan’s Law,” which is Connecticut’s law that tightens the rules for storing guns in homes that have children.

Ethan Song, 15, was killed when he was accidentally shot by a friend in Guilford in 2018 with a gun that was stored in a Tupperware container with bullets and lock keys nearby.

The federal bill was introduced by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. She says that when Ethan’s law was included in the “Protecting Our Children Act”, Ethan’s mother went to the cemetery to see her son.

“On hearing the news, she immediately went to the cemetery, ran through it screaming, and I quote, ‘Ethan, we made it. Your life-saving legislation will be heard and get a vote’ , DeLauro said.

“We know the math in the Senate is tough and difficult, but we also believe that every additional step we take moves us forward toward a safer America. An America in which parents can be sure there won’t be a gun taken from home to their school by a youngster to do terrible damage,” said Mike Song, Ethan’s father. .

The bill passed the House on Wednesday but is unlikely to pass the Senate due to Republican opposition. A narrower bill is likely to emerge from a bipartisan group in the Senate.


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