Greenacres Rainford plans to extend ceremonial building passed


PLANS for an extension to the ceremonial building of a wooded burial site have been authorized.

Proposals for the Greenacres site in Rainford were sent to council earlier this year.

Plans called for an extension of the existing Ceremonial Hall building; including office space, two family rooms; reception area; exterior pergola and a ground bund for visual screen of the chapel.

GreenAcres Rainford, which opened in 2014, is a cemetery and ceremonial park located in Blindfoot Road, Rainford and set in acres of natural woodland to provide a tranquil location for memorial services, cremations and burials.

A design and access statement, drafted by planning officers CDS Group on behalf of Greenacres, said: “The extension has been designed to complement the design of the original building, which contains strong angular forms, sharp angles and an autonomous and singular composition”.

He added “avoids clashing with the dominant angular shapes by introducing rounded corners that blend into the rolling landscape”.

Meanwhile, the landscape seawall was “sculpted to sit comfortably and naturally in the landscape and obscure views from the main paths leading to the ceremonial hall”.

The extension has been “positioned to the south of the existing building, minimizing the visual impact on the site and its setting”, add the plans and “access remains unchanged”.

He concluded: “The proposals will facilitate the day-to-day operations of the site and “the overall impact of the proposal is negligible”.

A report by case officer Natasha Ayres states: “The applicant states that the extension to the existing building is intended to provide better facilities for the use of the building”.

She adds that it was considered that the request responds to the “very specific circumstances” necessary to allow work on a site in the green belt.

It was added “when considering the justification for the need and also the fact that there will still be remnant views of the chapel on the site, it is not considered that the addition of the seawall will change the character of the site”.

The application was recommended for approval and formal authorization was granted.


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