Ghost Adventures: House Calls investigates the Long Beach house


Ghost Adventures: House Calls comes to Long Beach to investigate a house experiencing paranormal activity.

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In the new series on Discovery Plus, Zac Bagans sends his team of paranormal investigators to homes across the county to help families struggling with unexplainable paranormal occurrences. The Ghost Adventures team traveled to Long Beach to help a local family who claim to have a dark entity inhabiting their home.

Matt and Christina Balderas, a Long Beach couple living in a home their family has owned since the 1950s, have experienced what they describe as dark energy throughout their home as well as shadows lurking in various rooms. of the house and objects moving on their own. . The couple sense that the dark entity in their home has become attached to Matt and try to separate him from his family.

Paranormal investigators Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley came to the house to find out what kind of negative activity was plaguing the Long Beach family. The team could tell right away how much this negativity was affecting Matt and Christina.

“With this couple, you could feel the emotion, you could feel the sadness, you could feel their struggle, and the paranormal activity in their home kept them apart,” Wasley said.

Ghost Adventures: House Calls will continue to focus on families like the one they’ve helped here in Long Beach and the team hopes they can make a difference in the lives of those struggling with unexplainable paranormal occurrences in their lives. houses.

“We only focus on personal homes, so it’s a lot more emotional. With this show, we really focus on and start investigating pretty much right away. We try to provide the family with as much help and information as possible so they can move on and improve their home,” Wasley said.

Wasley said many families across the country experience paranormal occurrences in their homes, and general curiosity surrounding the paranormal is a natural instinct for most people.

“I think it’s something everyone wants to know, even if they don’t talk about it. I think as human beings we want to know what happens after we die, it’s a deep-rooted question that we all have,” Wasley said.

Long Beach residents have a long history with the paranormal, from the haunted past of Queen Mary Cemetery to Sunnyside Cemetery, one of the city’s oldest cemeteries. It’s no surprise that the crew of Ghost Adventures found a family in Long Beach who had witnessed so many paranormal occurrences.

Ghost Adventures: House Calls is streaming now on Discovery Plus with their first episode “Crisis in Long Beach.”

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