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A “half price/best deal” flea market is scheduled Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Old Spring Place Methodist Church, owned by the Whitfield-Murray Historical Society. All proceeds go to the continued preservation of the Old Church, built in 1875. It is the oldest building in Murray County today that was designed for public use.

Emerging from the most successful Spring Place Festival ever, the main hall of the restored structure is still full of collectibles, glassware, household items, Christmas decorations, records and vintage items as well so many new things. The fundraising event also includes a used book sale that includes five paperbacks for $1 and hardbacks for $1 each. Various historical society publications will also be available for purchase, including new DVDs featuring stories from Spring Place Cemetery, historic Spring Place Township and other sites in the southern part of Murray County. T-shirts celebrating 25 years of Spring Place Community Festival history will be on sale.

The Historical Society greatly appreciates all donors, volunteers, businesses and clients who make conservation possible.

This will be the last sale at the old church for 2022. From September to next May, it will again be available for club meetings, showers, birthdays, meetings, visits and other gatherings. Rental fees, reservations and other information can be obtained by calling (706) 695-2740 or viewing Old Spring Place Methodist Church on Facebook.


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