Darlington North Cemetery House to be auctioned


There is a gaping hole in the roof, the windows are closed, and thick ivy covers the masonry.

But the patterned tiles and delicate arched stone are visible enough to suggest that it was once a special building.

Now is your chance to own a little history as the infamous North Darlington Cemetery Lodge House goes up for auction later this year.

The semi-detached house was built in 1875 and housed the Victorian Town Cemetery Foreman.

Built in a Gothic stone style, it houses three bedrooms on two floors and an outdoor courtyard.

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The property is approximately two miles from the town center, in the large North Cemetery which is approached from North Road

However, the property has been unused for many years and is currently in extremely poor condition, with serious repair work needed.

Auctioneer Bidx1 warned that the house should be seen as a development / renovation opportunity.

The purchaser will be required to completely refurbish the property to the required standards within 30 months.

Take a look at the property below

The Northern Echo: a house in the middle of Darlington cemetery up for auctionA house in the middle of Darlington cemetery will be auctioned off

The Echo of the North:

The Echo of the North:

The Echo of the North:

The Echo of the North:

For more information visit: https://www.onthemarket.com/details/8496043/


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