Could this Walla Walla building be the oldest in the state?


There is a cabin in walla walla it is perhaps the oldest building still standing in washington state.

credit: youtube

credit: youtube

Oldest building in Washington state may be in Walla Walla

The cabin resides in an area next to walla walla along US Route 12 between Lowden and Whitman.

The hut is located on the site of the ancient city of Frenchtown, Washington, and is all that remains besides a cemetery. The Prince’s Hut is believed to be the oldest standing cabin in the state of Washington.

credit: youtube

credit: youtube

Where is the oldest building in Washington State?

The cabin was originally located two miles to the east and was given to the Frenchtown Historic Foundation in 2012.

credit: youtube

credit: youtube

The site where the cabin is located is known as Walla Walla Frenchtown while the original Frenchtown the site is now the unincorporated city of Lowden.

Did you know that Lowden Washington has historical relevance?

the Battle of Walla Walla also known as Battle of Frenchtown is known to be the longest Indian battle in the Washington Territory from December 7 to December 10, 1855.

What are the directions to Frenchtown Washington?

Besides the site of the hut and the cemetery, the Frenchtown Historic Site also has a registry of family histories and burial records. The cool thing about the Frenchtown site is that it’s free to explore and you can locate the site at 8364 Old Route 12 near Walla Walla.

The “oldest” building in Washington is in dispute, but the video above talks about the Prince’s hut in Frenchtown and explains why the shack might be the oldest standing shack in Washington State.

You can find out more about the Frenchtown Historic Foundation and the construction site here.

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