Compton Cemetery owner will put his property up for sale


Celestinia Bishop shot to national notoriety when she went viral for scaling a wall in an old Compton cemetery she now owns. In a live video on her social media, Bishop explains why she is closing the nearly 11-acre property, three months after taking possession, and announced her intention to sell it.

“I want you to hear it from me, the owner,” Bishop said.

Bishop got a huge break when LA County Assessor Jeffrey Prang reduced property taxes owed by $20,000. She raised nearly $7,000 through GoFundMe and received two large donations from mystery donors.


Compton City Councilor Michelle Chambers currently works in the Assessor’s Office as Prang’s special assistant. Residents allege Chambers worked closely with Bishop to save the property.

Bishop released two audio recordings of phone calls she received, which turned sour over what family members can place at the gravesites of their loved ones.

There are currently no announcements indicating that the property is for sale, but we are sure that the property developers are eager to buy it.

Would LA County have reduced the tax debt if it had known it would turn around and sell it three months later?

Bishop has not yet responded to requests for comment.


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