Clumsy looking lawnmower’s ingenious design can cut through wet grass


As this city boy soon learned, you can’t mow the grass when it’s wet. Blowing it on the side of the mower deck produces wet clumps that can damage your lawn, and trying to pick them up in a bagger is impossible; wet grass immediately begins to clog a bagging chute. With acres to mow, I get stressed out when it rains for four days straight and helplessly watch the grass spiral out of control.

However, this problem has been solved in Europe, by the French lawnmower manufacturer Etesia. I was excited when I saw the form factor of their mower, not because it’s attractive (it’s not)…

…but because it suggests something different is going on inside. What is true.

To explain, the conventional North American riding mower looks like this:

Regardless of brand, the form factor is always the same: a “lawn tractor” with the suspension deck below and side discharge. Adding a bagging kit requires connecting a chute to the side ejection port and routing it to the bags:

Etesia’s innovation was to design “the cutting system first”, they write, “and then the tractor”. Thus their two-bladed deck is rather radically shaped:

“The ETESIA concept eliminates any risk of clogging by offering the first ride-on mower with direct rear discharge and integrated collection. The two blades generate a powerful blowing effect and push the grass through a volute-shaped housing with increasing section in the The collection system mounted directly at the outlet of the mower deck guarantees perfect collection without the risk of clogging – there are no obstacles between the mower deck and the collection box.

“The result is that our machines can mow and collect grass in conditions – long, wet grass – where most competitors are simply not up to it.”

It also explains the trimmer’s funky look, with its wedge-like gesture.

They also make larger versions, with a self-emptying mechanism. But all I can do is watch it and wish; Etesia does not have a distributor in the United States


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