BRIEF: Oakland Cemetery Design Idea Is Rejected On Social Media


Executive director says plans not complete

Photo credit: Courtesy of the Oakland Historical Foundation

Proposed visitor center

Design plans for the exterior of a new visitor center at Oakland Cemetery are sparking reactions on social media platforms. “Uninspired” and “boring” are just two examples of the invective hurled at the proposed building. Renderings published in the media show a dark red brick structure devoid of any discernible charm. The 10,000-square-foot center, designed by Smith Dalia Architects, will contain a museum store, an atrium to house interpretive exhibits, multipurpose classroom and event space, rental areas and administrative offices, according to the Oakland Historical Foundation. Executive director Richard Harker put a brave face on the situation, saying, “I like that people are passionate about this.” He added that the drawings do not include “additional design elements and materials that will bring the facade to life”, nor do they show the landscaping that will replicate the cemetery’s Victorian garden. “I think the next set of renders coming this spring will provide more clarity,” Harker said.


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