An old building finds new life – in a cemetery in Chagrin Falls


CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio – It’s not every day you see an old building traveling down the road.

But that’s what passers-by saw on Friday (September 30) when the old Chagrin Falls Savings and Loan structure was moved down South Franklin Street to Evergreen Hill Cemetery.

Once at the current site of Yours Truly on North Main Street in 1921, then moved to a residential property on Hall Street in 1934, the historic savings and loan building has found its permanent resting place at the cemetery.

But his life is far from over.

Considered historically significant by Perspectus Architecture, the building ran one mile along South Franklin Street to the village-owned cemetery.

Dingey Movers of Zanesville, Ohio moved the house after owner Mark Milstein donated it to the village. Once the building is ready for use, it will serve as a meeting hall and office for Evergreen Hill Cemetery.

A new house will replace the Savings and Credit Union building on Hall Street.

According to Chagrin Falls Administrative Manager Robert Jamieson, no relocations to the village have occurred in recent history. But this move provided another interesting chapter in the historic building’s legacy.

“This is an exciting project that will provide new office and meeting space at Evergreen Hill Cemetery while preserving a unique structure important to the village’s history,” said Jamieson.

In addition to the new/old Evergreen Hill Cemetery building, Chagrin Falls Village Council has entered into a contract to upgrade the village cemetery databases.

Ramaker and Associates was chosen to provide a Platinum Cemetery Information Mapping System (CIMS) for the two cemeteries in the village (Evergreen Hill and Grove Hill).

Ramaker’s CIMS is a web-based application that will link village cemetery data to computerized GIS smart maps. The database is tied to a space in the cemetery and can be accessed by any smart device.

Chagrin Falls Village Council approved this contract with Ramaker and Associates at the September 26 council meeting. Jamieson expects the new cemetery database to be operational by February 2023.

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