Ajax council approves 25-storey building


After five years of back-and-forth between Ajax town staff and a developer, council has approved a 25-storey mixed-use development on the busy street.

The Zoning By-law Amendment and Official Plan Amendment applications were approved at the June 20 council meeting. The plans were first submitted in 2017.


•Promoter Promita Holdings Ltd. will construct a 25-storey residential building with commercial space at 310 Kingston Road.

•The site is on the north side of Kingston Road, between a large shopping center to the west, and the Ajax Casino and Ajax Downs racecourse to the east.

•To the north is the Hicksite/Brown Quaker Cemetery, a designated heritage property under the Ontario Heritage Act.

•There will be 369 units and 1,447 square meters of retail space.

• The promoter is committed to providing public and social benefits in the form of units accessible at 50%; 34% family units; mode of rental; and 20 percent affordable units to increase floor plate size.

•The floor plate size will be 1,519 square meters for the 7th to 17th floors of the building, with progressively decreasing floor plate sizes from the 18th to the 25th floor.

•Lands will be rezoned from “Agricultural Zone” to “Downtown Mixed Use Zone”.


•Resident Keith Sarre, also president of the Cadarackque Neighborhood Watch, spoke on behalf of area residents when he said an increase in traffic is the biggest concern and believes it will cause accidents in this already very busy stretch of road.

• He said the floor plate is too big and will bring 700 to 800 additional residents to the area.

•He is not satisfied with the destruction of the woodlot on the property.

•He feels that the building will be too close to the heritage cemetery.

•Residents are also concerned about the shadows that affect neighboring residences for part of the year.


•The landowners spoke at the meeting and explained that this is in an area that is planned for intensification.

•They stated that the larger floor plate would reduce the building’s energy consumption by 50%.

•The development is aimed at people wishing to use public transport and get rid of the automobile, as well as people wishing to live within walking distance of nearby amenities.

•Daycare will be available on the ground floor.

•It will set the stage for future visually appealing developments in the area.


•Development intensifies underutilized land and represents compact built form and efficient use of land, resources and infrastructure.

•It will promote transit as it is located along a regional corridor (Kingston Road) with an existing transit route that is expected to become a major rapid transit route.

• It helps contribute to the diversification of housing options by offering a mix of unit sizes and types to accommodate a range of household sizes and incomes.

“There were no shortcuts on this and everyone had the opportunity to speak up and provide feedback,” Mayor Shaun Collier said.


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