A three-storey building collapses



A three-storey Bizerta Lines building collapsed causing damage to the neighboring building, part of which also collapsed.

A woman was slightly injured in the incident while a van parked near the building was also destroyed.

The building collapsed near the military cemetery, Chandni Chowk, Bizerte line behind the Gora Qabrastan in the Saddar region.

Police, Rangers and Edhi Volunteers rushed to the scene and carried out the rescue operation.

The injured woman was transferred to Jinnah Hospital.

Akhtar, the owner of the affected building, said that next to his building, a water storage tank several feet deep was being constructed near the military cemetery under the supervision of cantonment board engineers.

He said that when excavation work for the water reservoir began, he warned workers and site officials that his building could collapse if they dug deep.

However, these workers told Akhtar that the engineer was digging under his own supervision.

He said that two days ago, when a deep ditch was dug, he felt the floor of his house shake.

That day, part of the cemetery wall also collapsed. However, the workers did not stop digging and in the night from Monday to Tuesday, his building collapsed with an explosion.

Meanwhile, a wall on the third floor of a three-story building belonging to a man named Yaseen also collapsed due to Akhtar’s building collapsing, and cracks appeared in his building as well.

Akhtar’s daughter-in-law, Parveen, who was injured, is believed to be out of harm’s way.

Akhtar, fearful of damaging or collapsing his building, had moved to another building nearby.

At the time of the incident, his son and daughter-in-law had come to collect property from the affected building when it collapsed. Fortunately, his son, other family members and local residents remained safe, he said.

Locals have called on the Sindh government and cantonment council officials to financially compensate those whose homes were damaged. The injured woman must also be compensated for her treatment and inquiries must be made against the engineers whose negligence caused the collapse


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