42 Best Halloween Tattoos – Cute Halloween Tattoo Design Ideas


There are tons of ways to express your love for Halloween, starting with decorations (think: fake cobwebs, flying ghosts and a 12ft skeleton).

Beyond the decor, you can also show off your spooky spirit by cooking scarily delicious treatsWatch a horror movie marathon and, if you’re really serious, commit to a full set of Halloween nails.

But if you think Halloween fun should go beyond October 31then get one of these Halloween themed tattoos permanently inked on your arm, leg or anywhere else on your body.

serial killer movie enthusiasts can keep Michael Myers from “Halloween” or Freddy from “Friday the 13th” close by year-round. But if ghosts and spooks aren’t your thing, go for something traditional and cute like a little Halloween Pumpkin or a witch with a friendly face.

Since getting new ink is a big decision, don’t be afraid to start small with a temporary tattoo. But, of course, if you’re ready to commit permanently, cover an entire sleeve with one of the larger designs.

Either way, we’ve rounded up some of the best Halloween tattoo ideas to inspire you when the time comes.

treat cat

It’s the perfect Halloween mashup: a black cat, dressed in a skeleton costume for a night of treats. What’s not to like?!

Remove the Sandy Claus

Look who’s on their way to kidnap Sandy Claus! It’s Lock, Shock and Barrel from the classic Halloween (or is it Christmas?) movie “A Nightmare Before Christmas.” Either way, this spooky little trio is a great way to show off a spooky spirit.

Tattoo “A nightmare before Christmas”

Nothing is more fitting than a tribute to the ultimate Halloween movie: “A Nightmare Before Christmas”. Immortalize everyone’s favorite “Pumpkin King” and his loyal pup, Hero, forever.

haunted sleeve tattoo

Double, double, toil and difficulty! Evoke the spirit of Halloween with this spooky clutch that captures the best moments of the holiday, including the cauldron of “Hocus Pocus.”

Pumpkin boy tattoo

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective little Halloween tattoo, this black and white pumpkin boy (holding a Jack Skellington balloon, no less) fits the bill.

black cat tattoo

Think beyond your basic cat costume and show off your feline love the rest of the year. Contrary to old-fashioned folklore, this black cat tattoo is sure to bring you good luck everything time.

Vampire Halloween Tattoo

vampires are creepy – but if you’re not scared, then this Halloween tattoo is a match made in heaven (or Transylvania).

small ghost tattoo

Pledge your eternal allegiance this Halloween with this tattoo that makes a statement without taking up a lot of real estate.

Michael Myers tattoo “Halloween”

For the true “Halloween” aficionado—yes, we’re talking about the movie—there’s nothing better than this Michael Myers-inspired tattoo. Guaranteed, ahem, kill everyone.

haunted house tattoo

Everyone will find something to love in this spooky tattoo. It includes all the holiday basics: ghosts, bats, skulls, a bubbling cauldron and a spooky haunted house.

Lock, shock and barrel tattoo

Here’s another awesome tribute to “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Forget Jack Skellington and opt for this trick or treat trio instead.

Hello Kitty Halloween tattoo

Swap the ghosts for something sweet by opting for this terrifically festive Hello Kitty tattoo.

witch tattoo

Good news: there are no curses associated with this Halloween witch tattoo, only charms! Prepare to leave everyone positively spellbound.

“The Brilliant” Tattoo

“I’m not going to hurt you. Stop swinging the bat. Put the bat down, Wendy.” Uh okay. We believe you, Jack. If you’ve watched “The Shining” a million times, you’ll love this one.

Pennywise the Clown tattoo

If you thought Stephen King’s “It” was terrifying in theaters, wait until you have to watch the world’s scariest clown on your arm for the rest of the time.

skeleton hand tattoo

You’ll scare everyone when you reach out, revealing this gruesome tattoo.

Lydia of Tattoo “Beetlejuice”

Jump in line, move your body in time by getting a Lydia Deetz tattoo, the iconic character from the beloved 80s movie.

Haunted graveyard tattoo

Are you looking for a cute Halloween tattoo? Then consider this colorful graveyard scene that’s both spooky and sweet.

Vintage witch tattoo

From the flippant witch hat to the pom pom heels, this witch tattoo totally gives us all the vintage Halloween vibes.

‘The Lost Boys’ Chinese Food Tattoo

Eat Chinese food, Michael! Or maybe don’t if the lo mein starts to wiggle and squirm.

Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein tattoo

Go retro with this Halloween tattoo featuring Frankenstein and his spooky bride.

“The Lost Boys” sunglasses tattoo

The one thing we can’t stomach about Santa Carla is all the vampires! However, we love this homage tattoo to “The Lost Boys,” featuring Michael’s sunglasses with the city walk in the reflection.

Two-faced Michael Myers tattoo

Keep the memory of Michael Myers alive by tattooing this gruesome serial killer tattoo on your arm.

‘Child’s Play’ Chucky Tattoo

Here is a toy that nobody wants for Christmas! Unless, of course, you’re in the mood for a thrill.

Edward Scissorhands tattoo

It’s easy to fall in love with Edward Scissorhands, both from the character and from the movie. More than 30 years after its release, the cult classic offers an important reminder: never judge a book by its cover, even if there are scissors involved.

Frankenstein tattoo

A classic “Mom” tattoo is awesome and all, but Frankenstein’s wicked cup is way more electrifying.

Halloween tarot card tattoo

We can predict the future, and you know what it tells us? You will love having this tattoo on your arm.

‘Stranger Things’ Eleven Tattoo

The “Stranger Things” series will never truly end until you have Eleven, the Mind Flayer, and the Upside Down with you for eternity.

Adam and Barbara of the ‘Beetlejuice’ tattoo

Go big or go home: make your love for “Beetlejuice” permanent by inking the afterlife versions of Adam and Barbara Maitland on your skin.

Cute Jack-O-Lantern Tattoo

Even if you’re not a great pumpkin carver, this festive tattoo will make everyone think you’re a real pro. Candy or sweets, right?

Colorful Frankenstein Tattoo

Everyone will be in pieces after seeing this vibrant Frankenstein tattoo. Do us a favor and avoid the villagers.

Hogwarts tattoo “Harry Potter”

If you get this tattoo, you will become an honorary student at Hogwarts. In that case, don’t be surprised if Harry, Ron and Hermione pass by during your tattoo session!

haunted house scene tattoo

This eerie scene paints a picture of what Halloween is really about: cold weather, haunted houses and ghosts galore.

Stabbed jack-o’-lantern tattoo

What do you get when you cross a jack-o’-lantern with Excalibur? We’re not sure, but it probably looks a lot like this spooky Halloween tattoo.

Witch and cauldron tattoo

This witch who prepares a spell in her ghostly cauldron has us completely under her spell.

Terrifying Beast Tattoo

That’s about as scary as it gets! I just hope that never, already meet this monster in a dark alley.

vampire tattoo

Talk about a fantasy tattoo: ink this Count Dracula tattoo on your arm and scare everyone away. Because he wants to suck their blood and everything.

friendly ghost tattoo

Don’t forget to bring this enchanting ghost and her feisty pup when you go out for Halloween.

“A Nightmare on Elm Street” tattoo

This Freddy Krueger tattoo will absolutely give everybody nightmares, no matter what street they live on.

Casper the friendly ghost tattoo

What’s cuter than Casper the Friendly Ghost? Exactly. This cute button like tattoo will take you back to your childhood for sure.

Jack-o’-lantern killer tattoo

Don’t even think to drive this jack-o’-lantern crazy because he has a knife and knows how to use it.

werewolf tattoo

When you are really really to love werewolves is the Halloween tattoo. Big or small, it will have all your friends and family howling at the moon.

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