’13 Vultures Haunted house’ ready to share scares in Baird


BAIRD, Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- Since 2015, Clu Burnham, his wife and children have raced 13 Domain haunted by vultures. These two acres of gruesome fun include the house itself, a spooky graveyard, witches woods, an abandoned cornfield, and a butcher barn.

“We’ve been married for 40 years and we’ve always been big Halloween fans. We’ve always decorated the house in a big way… We decided one day to buy a house and make our own haunted house and here we are” , Burnham said.

For their eighth year, the 20 cast members will present the story of a couple of brothers who inherited the farm. One becoming an undertaker and the other a butcher. Every year, their business enterprises grow more and more.

“The first year all we had was the house, the next year we added the barn and then we added the woods. It just evolves every year, it’s something different,” Burnham said. .

Burnham says the house is a huge undertaking, dressing the set with their 50 years of collected Halloween decorations as well as orchestrating their actors. It’s all worth it when they see a good scare, Burnham said.

“We’ve seen great college football players run down the freeway, leave their girlfriends behind and run away,” Burnham said.

13 Vultures Haunted Estate is located off I-20 between Baird and Clyde at 3516 Interstate 20 West. It is open every Saturday and the last Friday in October from 7:30 p.m. to midnight.


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