10 Best Pokemon With Gems Built Into Their Design


Everyone has their own favorite style of Pokémon. Some people lean towards the fiery Pokemon, while others lean towards the cuter creatures that have been created over the years. One thing many Pokemon fans can agree on is that some of the most visually stunning Pokemon incorporate different types of gems into their design.

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Some Pokémon that have gems actually have fascinating uses for them, while others simply exist as part of a Pokémon without drawing too much attention to themselves. Whatever the reason a Pokemon has some sort of fancy shiny rock attached to it, there’s actually a surprising amount the player can throw themselves into battle with these gems in one form or another.

ten Persian


For fans of the original anime series, the Persian was perhaps one of the most interesting Pokémon. Its sleek design and bright red jewel embedded in its forehead make it one of the most fascinating creatures of the first generation.

While there isn’t much information about the gem in his head, it’s likely that if Meowth has managed to evolve, so will his unique piece. If someone was looking for a Pokemon as a symbol of wealth, you couldn’t go wrong choosing a Persian.


9 golduck

Golduck Bonding.  Two photos

While people love Psyduck for a number of reasons, even more people seem to love its evolution, Golduck. It’s fair to say that the red gem in Golducks head makes it stand out, but it actually has a really sad story behind it.

It has been said that at one time the Golducks were hunted to near extinction due to the belief that their gems would give people some kind of supernatural psychic power. It’s sad, but it makes sense considering the gem lights up whenever a Golduck uses their psychic powers.

8 Slow-down

Slowking is one of the few Pokémon that evolves through trade

The story behind the crown on Slowking’s head is actually quite interesting. Fans may know that the Crown is actually another Pokemon called Shellder. While the overall design, complete with a red gem, looks interesting, the Shellder is actually nefarious.

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The reason a Slowpoke becomes a Slowking is due to a Shellder’s venom. The creature’s poison has a sort of reaction in the slowpoke that grants it a form of higher intelligence. Where the gem comes from, or what it does, seems to be a bit of a mystery.

7 Spoink

Pokémon Spoink from the anime

Most Pokemon that feature gems in their design tend to look a bit more mysterious or regal, but Spoink is one of the few cute Pokemon that has a gem. Spoink actually wears a large pearl on his head.

The pearl she wears is said to be from a Clampearl, and she somehow manages to enhance a Spoink’s psychic movements. It’s not explained exactly why this is the case, but apparently the Spoinks are constantly on the hunt for bigger pearls in order to enhance their abilities even further.

6 Fuel

Pokemon Carbin

While many Pokemon have gems and jewels built into their design, Carbink is actually called a Jewel Pokemon. Her body is covered in various blue crystals which may actually be diamonds as her body is described as being as hard as one of the Fabulous Gems.

It would actually make sense for a Carbink to be, at least in part, some sort of living diamond as it was apparently created deep within the earth. The combination of heat and pressure helped turn him into the creature he is.

5 Espeon

Type Pokémon Gen 2 Generation II Special Move Anime

While people love Eevees, it seems many fans tend to ignore Eevee’s psychic evolution, Espeon. The elegant and mysterious creature features a gemstone in the center of its forehead which helps to add to its unique appearance.

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As with many Psychic-type Pokémon, the gem on its forehead glows whenever it uses one of its many Psychic abilities. One thing that sets it apart from others is that when an Espeon is completely depleted, its gem may stop glowing. Many people could probably only approach one if its gem was dark in color.

4 Starmie


What fans might not know about Starmie is that her bright red gemstone can actually glow in different colors. The more you learn about Starmie, the more you’ll understand just how vital his central gem is.

In addition to being able to attack, a Starmie uses its gem as a means of communicating with other Starmies and Staryus. A sad and somewhat dark fact is that there are many in the world of Pokemon who consider the Starmie Gem to be some kind of gemstone.

3 Sneasel

A sneaking, ready-to-fly Sneasel in the Pokémon anime

While it’s unclear what the odd oval gems on a Sneasel are, it’s fair to say that they add to the creature’s appearance. The little pop of color from the yellow gems somehow helps make mischievous Dark-type and Ice-type Pokemon look even more thievish.

Sneasels are said to be cunning and vicious, so it’s probably a good thing that the gems on their bodies are considered valuable. Anyone looking to hunt a Sneasel for monetary gain would likely have a brutal fight on their hands.

2 Sableye

Pokémon Sableye from the anime

Some Pokémon have important functions for the gems featured in their design, and Sableye is clearly one of them. Sableye is equipped with two huge gem eyes and an additional gem on his chest.

Sableye seems to be obsessed with gems in almost every way, as the creature actually eats them for food. It is said that the reason a Sableye is covered in gems is actually due to their gem-filled diet. Whether that’s true or not, it gives a whole new meaning to “you are what you eat.”

1 Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf

Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie as they appear in the Pokemon anime

The Guardians of the Lake, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, are three legendary Pokémon that reside in the Sinnoh region. The three Psychic-type Pokémon represent knowledge, emotion, and will, respectively. A fascinating detail about the creatures is that they’re all supposed to be born from the same egg.

While there isn’t much information about the gems featured in their design, the fact that they are Legendary Pokemon would likely make the gems rare, whatever they are. Gems are at home on Legendary Psychic-type Pokémon, further cementing the bond between Psychic users and Gem Gems.

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